A farmer brings a dispute over a loud rooster to court. Let the neighbor take the plugs, he says

The German farmer decided to bring the neighborhood dispute over a crowing rooster too loud to court, because, according to her, the sounds made by the animals belong to the countryside and should not be a reason for complaints.

Rooster breeder Karin Pfeifer-Rockenfeller angered her neighbor, who demanded that the bird be locked inside for the night so as not to disturb the quiet of the night. But the farmer refuses, and has even launched a petition to declare the sounds of the countryside a national heritage that needs to be protected, The Times reported.

“I want to make it to the end. I’ve lived here for 30 years and this is an agricultural area. If my neighbor is sensitive to sounds, he has to move his bed or put earplugs,” says a farmer from the village of Abtweiler in the German state of Rhineland. -Falc. The dispute will be heard in a court in the catchment area of ​​Bad Sobernheim.

The core of the quarrel is the rooster and its early morning crowing. A neighbor asked Pfeifer-Rockenfeller to lock him in a soundproof room for the night, but she refused. According to her, staying in a room could be unhealthy for a rooster due to the risk of overheating the organism. It is said that the dispute does not intend to give up also because if the rooster did not make noises, the neighbor could complain, for example, about the roar of horses or the roar of sheep.

The farmer invited the TV crew to her land and had the volume of a rooster crowing measured. Measurements showed a volume of about 70 decibels at the boundary of the plots, which is a slightly quieter sound than the vacuum cleaner emits.

Pfeifer-Rockenfeller even plans to fight for a law to protect the sounds of the countryside, following the example of France. The French parliament passed such a law in January this year, on the basis of several lawsuits from previous years led by holidaymakers or immigrants from cities with the original inhabitants of the French countryside.

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Probably the most attention was given to the Maurice rooster case. The morning crowing of a ridge from the French island of Oléron disturbed a few retirees while staying at their country home. They therefore turned to the court. However, the year before last he decided that Maurice may continue to crow.

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