“A drug dog and a new car are coming” – Chronicle

Deputy Mayor Nicola Lodi

“With the forty thousand euros arriving from the Interior Ministry, we will buy a cover car for the men of the Nucleo and another anti-drug dog that will assist Aaron and Chloe”. Deputy Mayor and Security Councilor Nicola Lodi announces the news with a good dose of pride. Because that for the Local Police “is a battle worth fighting: ours is a body made up of good people, who provide great support to the other police forces”. Therefore the activity of the municipal body “is not to be understood in antagonism with the other police forces – points out Lodi – but in a synergistic function. These funds will certainly give a new and important impulse to our Local Police”. In addition to the car, the purchase of the dog to be trained for the activity of contrasting drug dealing is necessary “since the activity of the four-legged agents does not coincide with their lives. So being Aaron and Chloe substantially coeval , we cannot afford to run out of drug dogs. ” The commitment to the Local Police is also embodied in the hiring of “six new inspectors and four agents”. The plan for new staff entries will be discussed in the council next week.

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