A dog with a trap on its paw has not yet been caught

A dog with a trap on its paw has not yet been caught

On Friday, we received a call that a dog with a trap on its paw was lying on Sacco Street in the area of ​​a former factory. Local residents tried to turn to the city administration for help, they did not take their pipes, to the May Day orphanage, but their dog handler was outside the city.

Today we were informed:

“They searched for the dog in all sorts of accessible places until they found it. Yesterday there was an opportunity to catch her (she was in sight, within walking distance) and help the dog, but they did not want to. And now she’s gone. Maybe somewhere it lies, but not to crawl into all the jungle. She came for help, and not having received it, perhaps she left. The poor fellow will now jump with this piece of iron. Hopefully it will appear again. But the question is whether the shelter will respond, because when and at what time this will happen again, it is not known.

Meanwhile, the city administration, under our post on Instagram, replied that information about the dog was transferred to the ecology department and to the May Day orphanage.

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