A dog that usually has a sad face → When you walk in the air, it makes you smile.

A dog that usually has a sad face with its mouth closed. When the owner lifts it high and makes it “walk in the air”, it opens its mouth and smiles. Such a figure has been echoed on the Internet as “fun and cute”.

[Video]A dog enjoying a walk in the air

It is Maltese Meso who enjoys walking in the air. It looks like it’s having fun with its mouth open. According to the owner, Meso-kun usually has a sad face with his mouth closed. However, it is said that he showed a happy smile when he took a walk in the air.

This post has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, and the internet has responded with comments such as “It looks so fun and cute!” (ABEMA “Weekly BUZZ Video”)

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