“A Dog Sunday: Canine Companions Take Center Stage at Granada’s Polling Stations”

Emilia assures that it is “her first time”. This petite retiree admits that she is “nervous” to see how she is going to do it. «They don’t vote every day… Let’s see how she comes out…». It does not refer to her, of course; that she has seen plenty of elections. She talks about her dog, Kora, a brown cocker spaniel puppy that frolicks at her feet at Genil’s door and attracts more looks and cuddling than a candidate in the campaign. «He is still small and I did not want to leave him alone at home, that he bites. Also, that’s how he’s going to learn from this… », she says between laughs, jokingly.

It’s a dog Sunday. It is a Sunday of nervous and distrustful voters, of sleepy members and their mouths open like a horn after celebrating the rise of the Graná until dawn, of gentlemen who vote early, with two newspapers under their arms, because “you don’t have to wait in line and so I can go eat with my daughter”, but also dogs. Five who coincide in Figares with their owners, one of whom jokes about “sealing” the vote with his poodle’s paw “because she is going to be worth the same, nothing.”

Dogs are in fashion. Before the candidates kissed babies and were photographed with children. Now the ‘cool’ thing is to hug poodles and pose with a land hound. That is why it is not strange to see this Sunday more mutts than children in the polling stations.

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In San José, there were them first thing in the morning. Also voters, which is what the thing is certainly about. At school, the five ballot boxes are set up normally, very early. Everyone, presidents and members, have arrived before the time. “And there were already ten waiting to cast the vote…”, says a witness.

In Genil, in addition to Emilia and Kora, dozens and dozens of older people vote at 10 in the morning. The dripping is continuous. A party delegate protests that a member of a table from another school wears a candidacy badge and shows the photo and it is true. For the rest, the atmosphere is festive, pleasant.

The arrival of the candidates breaks the calm. It happens in the Cerrillo, in the Albaicín, in Fígares, in Cervantes, in the Zaidín… Applause, ladies and gentlemen who kiss the leaders and acknowledge having voted for them, journalists and photographers flapping their wings like bumblebees. Elections.

In the Treasury office, next to the San Agustín market, the calm is broken by an Easter concert. The sounds, in addition to the temperature, favor this trip to a bygone spring. A boy appears to vote with the Granada shirt and a paper of churros “to celebrate.” Next to her, the president of the table jokes with another voter about the card, which she has practically torn. “But does this work for you, kid?” She asks between laughs.

Normality and good humor. They are the keys that the Government Sub-delegation also gives, which around 1:00 p.m. informs IDEAL that everything is going “well” and “without notable incidents.” As they point out, “all the tables were set at 9:02.” It coincides with what was also expressed by the mayor, who ensures that the 282 tables of the 210 schools in the capital are open without problems.

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It is the midday finale to a beautiful Sunday, festive, of Kora and Emilia, of a Granada in Primera, of gentlemen who are going to eat with their daughters and of Enrique, who to round off this dog Sunday, accompanies his two-year-old father to the school of the Presentation to vote “for the mayor of the Paw Patrol”. “The one from the cartoon series,” proudly details the parent.

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