A dog killed by a beaver trap in Sherbrooke

Bella, a female Labrador, could not be saved by her masters. It’s hard to think that we lost our Bella like thatsays Marianne Tremblay.

Mourning and angry, Marianne Tremblay and Cédric Guillette-Jones are struggling to recover from the loss of their dog.

I heard her scream, so I ran towards her and saw that she had her head in the trap. I screamed too, I needed help and everythingexplains Marianne Tremblay.

Despite the help of a neighbor and the Humane Society, it was impossible to save Bella.

Grieving hurts because my dog ​​didn’t die of natural causes and I don’t think it was time for her to gobelieves Cédric Guillette-Jones.

The Ville de Sherbrooke commissioned a trapper to set the beaver trap along Meadow Creek. Citizens were worried about the risk of flooding caused by the dam.

Immediately after the events, Cédric Guillette-Jones contacted the municipal authorities. I was told that everything was done according to the ruleshe explains.

The accident still caused concern among the neighborhood.

We still walk there often, and if we hadn’t known, it could have been our dogunderlines a neighbor.

There should have been indications or a stake fence to indicate that there was a trapbelieves another.

Like some neighbours, the couple believe the City was negligent

It could have been a child who put his foot in it and it could have been much more serious than that, but it is sure that he will have lawsuits and that it will not stop there, because they took away a good part of usassures Cédric Guillette-Jones.

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The municipal councilor for the district of Saint-Élie, Christelle Lefèvre, is sorry and recognizes that the City could have made its intentions known in the district. From what I know, things were done in the rules of the artshe says.

Dogs aren’t supposed to be there, aren’t supposed to be off leash, says the councilwoman. Then, indeed, we could have made the posting, well in short, it is not up to us to determine that, the procedures will follow their course.

The Federation of Trappers Managers of Quebec deplores the accident. Like Christelle Lefèvre, she wants cohabitation with beavers to be allowed in the future.

According to the report by Pierrick Pichette

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