A dog gets lost and travels almost 400 kilometers to return home

Pablo, the dog that traveled 380 kilometers to return home. / CHRISTIAN LOHNER – WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

A French married couple residing in Gard, Catherine and Roger, they went with their dog Pablo on vacation to Italy with a motorhome. Returning to France they made a stop in Savoy, where the dog went for a walk. When the couple realized that Pablo was taking too long to return, they began to worry.

Seeing that the dog did not appear, they stayed in the nearby house of some relatives that allowed them to be closer to the place where it had disappeared Pablo just in case it shows up. The surprise was when a neighbor of Catherine and Roger who knows the dog sent them a photo of the animal on the door of their house. It seemed incredible because the home of the French couple is about 380 kilometers away from the place where Pablo disappeared.

As soon as they received the news, the French returned home and immediately put a necklace on Pablo so that he would never have a problem again. equal scare.


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