A dog found in a cat cage in front of the Péruwelz SPA

Some people do not seem to have realized yet that animals are endowed with feelings and emotions like all human beings. The Péruwelz SPA team still had to face an abominable situation.

Every evening, a volunteer comes to check and check the cages of animals impatiently awaiting a family. Around 6.30 p.m., when he was about to leave, the latter heard crying at the entrance to the refuge.

“The volunteer turned her head to the right and noticed a small cat cage with a Jack Russel dog inside. In this cage, there was neither food nor water “, says Franck, a volunteer at the shelter.

Faced with this sad observation, the SPA team remains in voice. Indeed, everything is implemented so that the animals are taken care of as quickly as possible. However, some still seem to believe that animals are objects …

“We are angry because we have a landline number as well as a mobile number to contact us in case of emergency. We are also present on Facebook so we try to be as responsive as possible. Yes, the refuge was closed but it was enough to warn us “.

Today, poor little Jack Russel is in good shape and in better conditions. As of tomorrow, he will go to the vet to be completely checked.

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