A dog, children and a roll of wallpaper helped to play an apartment among the vaccinated

A dog, children and a roll of wallpaper helped to play an apartment among the vaccinated in the suburbs. Another competition may take place in the near future.

Among the vaccinated residents of the Moscow region this week, a drawing of a three-room apartment in Serpukhov was held. The broadcast of the event was organized by “360” TV channel.

The action was initiated by the regional authorities. Any citizen who received the first COVID-19 vaccination from June 15 to 25 could get an apartment with an area of ​​74.9 square meters.

The winner was determined within the framework of several draws. We managed to find out the first figures thanks to paper airplanes launched by children. The second part of the number was drawn by a dog.

The third piece of the sequence helped to determine the attraction, which measures the force of the impact. The fourth digit was recognized thanks to a tape measure and a roll of wallpaper. The final part of the “cipher” was hidden in one of 10 balls.

The winner was a certain Viktor Petrovich Sh. In the near future, the authorities of the Moscow Region intend to play another apartment, which is located 15 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road.

State Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko told RIA FAN earlier that vaccination in Russia remains a voluntary procedure, but for a number of professions, vaccinations are mandatory.

The vaccination will have to be done to employees in the spheres of trade, services, education, health care, government services, and so on. We are talking about a number of employees for whom the risk of contracting the coronavirus is increased.

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“This is not a violation of human rights, this is the case when, on the contrary, a person is protected … We are taking away his right to get sick, to lose his health,” Onishchenko added.


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