A dog abandoned by the road and touching thousands of people found a new home in a day: Animals: From life: Lenta.ru

In the US state of Texas, a ten-month-old husky left on the sidelines found owners in less than a day. It is reported by Fox News.

The video of the abandoned animal appeared on the Instagram account ms.mojorising_ on Wednesday, July 21st. The footage shows that the man left the dog on the road and returned to the car. The husky ran after the car for a while, and then, in despair, sat down by the side of the road. The video was filmed by Texas animal rights activists. They also called the El Paso County administration and took the husky away, and then transferred it to the animal rescue service.

The video received more than a million views and touched thousands of people. “Instead of taking responsibility and seeking help from animal advocates, they decided to abandon their poor dog. I am terrified, I am disgusted, my heart is broken, ”- this is how the owner of the account signed the post.

Almost a day after the publication of the video, the animal was taken by new owners. Now the dog’s name is Nanuk, and she, according to its new owners, “turned out to be the very thing that our family so lacked.”

On Friday, July 23, police arrested a man believed to be the former owner of the husky, 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos, for animal cruelty. The sheriff’s administration said it will soon arrest another person linked to the crime.

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Earlier it was reported that in Queensland, a vegan couple put two dogs on a diet and drove them to exhaustion. One puppy was euthanized. The diet of the animals consisted of chickpeas, quinoa, rice and grains. The owners were ordered to pay a fine of 8.6 thousand dollars and were deprived of the right to have animals for three years.

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