A Coruña: The governing board approves the construction of a protected housing building in the Office | Radio Coruña


The Governing Board of the Council of A Coruña approved this morning the tender for the project and the management of the construction works of a public housing building in the Office Park. Too economic agreements with different social entities in the city, such as ACLAD and the Red Cross.

The VPPs have a tender budget that cannot exceed 8 million 86,000 euros with a deadline for drafting the execution project of 9 months. For the Citizen Association for the Fight Against Drugs, ACLAD, will allocate a budget of 220,000 euros. The agreement with Cáritas is to finance its social assistance program for people in need, with 130,000 euros. Also the Recreational and Instructive Meeting of Artisans, has an agreement for 91,000 euros, the Adcor Foundation, for 61,000 euros, and with the Red Cross for 89,000 euros for the SEMUS social emergency service and the “medical transport” program with a budget of 64,000 euros.

The governing board has also granted Abanca a license to reform and modify the distribution of the lower floors, mezzanine and basement of the main office in Rúa Nova. The rehabilitation includes the installation of escalators, a winch system for access control and the expansion of the reception area, so it will be necessary to do works on the facade.

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