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He Local government of A Coruña will detail the festival program in the coming hours de María Pita, which will start this Saturday, after announcing the reduction of capacity and formats to prevent them from being the focus of new coronavirus infections. It will be a single week of parties. The City Council will also specify all the safety and hygiene measures that will be mandatory in the different events. The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, warns that everything will be conditioned to the evolution of the pandemic.

If it is necessary to cut more or cancel, it will be done: “The health situation conditions everything, not just the holidays. We are seeing that there are communities that are going backward in phases because the health condition forces it to.”

In an interview in Hoy por Hoy A Coruña, has admitted that it has been painful to have to cut the parties, but more pain is produced by the effects of the pandemic: “It is painful not being able to celebrate parties as we would have liked and in which we have been working for a long time, the design It was more ambitious but the situation is what it is, and we have to adapt in everything, not just at parties. “

What does the opposition say?

He Popular Party Remember that three days before the start the program has not yet been presented, it demands that the sanitary security measures in all events and regrets that the local government has not agreed on the final format with the opposition, and thus remembers it Roberto Rodriguez, spokesman: “If it is a unilateral decision, we understand that in these circumstances, given that climate of dialogue that is being talked about continuously, it would be normal to have agreed on this decision but it was not.”

Atlantic Tide understands the decision of the local government, but next line it points to management problems in the areas of Culture and Festivities. Iago Martinez, councilor, considers that this situation is being covered up by alluding to caution: of the festivities “.

He BNG agrees with the format, but needs more planning. Francisco Jorquera “We agree with the format chosen to avoid risks, that is fundamental, but we believe that the local government should have acted with more foresight, because we still do not know the program, only the dates and format.”

The councilor of mixed group, Mónica Martínez supports the decision of the local government: “I think it is time to be cautious and cautious, I would understand the suspension of the parties, but the decided one seems to be a good option, with concerts with reduced capacity, always outdoors and thus favor to the hospitality industry in different neighborhoods “.

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