A Coruña Coronavirus: They ratify the mandatory isolation of the doorman of the Santa Cruz pub who left home after testing positive | Radio Coruña


Sergas gives for stabilized the outbreak registered in the Meicende gym since only one new case has been posted in the last 24 hours. 56 are the infected people, linked to this outbreak, according to SERGAS. By the way, the Court of Instruction number 8 of A Coruña has ratified the “mandatory isolation at home “ from the doorman of a pub in Santa Cruz and various entertainment venues in A Coruña, user of the gym.

In the August 1 car collected by Europa Press, the judge points out that after the July 25 test in which she tested positive for Covid19 and despite the fact that the local police in A Coruña reminded her that she should maintain isolation, “it was verified that he was not at home “on the occasions when the agents attended. According to the police report of July 30, the neighbors stated that “she left her home every day.” The magistrate considers that if this person affected by Covid19 continues to break the isolation and this is not avoided, it will suppose – she says – an obvious and reckless risk of spread, which is why the mandatory isolation at home can be ratified.

The Court thus ratifies the resolution of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Xunta de Galicia, through which it ordered the user of the Meicende wrestling and boxing center not to leave their home until they ceased to represent a risk to the public health. The order issued on July 31 added that the prolongation of the isolation would depend on the Preventive Medicine Service of the University Hospital of A Coruña. The judge indicates that once the treatment has concluded, a detailed report will be sent with the incidents registered to the competent Administrative-Litigation Court.

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