A concert of artists was held in the Samara region as part of the official visit of the delegation of Uzbekistan

On Monday, November 14, the governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov and the khokim of the Namangan region of Uzbekistan Shavkat Abdurazakov welcomed the participants and guests of the creative evening of artists of the republic, which took place on the small stage of the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after. D. D. Shostakovich.

These days, a representative delegation of the Namangan region, which included heads of government and business, is working in the Samara region to strengthen existing business ties with entrepreneurs and establish new partnerships with large companies in the Samara region.

Recall that today Dmitry Azarov and Shavkat Abdurazakov during the meeting signed an agreement on cooperation between the regions of the two countries in the trade, economic, scientific and technological, socio-cultural and humanitarian spheres.

Thanks to such cooperation between the regions of the two countries, which was based on an agreement of intent signed in 2018, a cultural exchange took place. Dmitry Azarov thanked the representatives of the delegation for inviting artists from Uzbekistan to the concert.

“I am very glad that you have come with a big business mission, with a large number of joint cooperation projects, but cultural exchange, enrichment of the culture of our peoples, our territories is truly priceless,” Dmitry Azarov said.

He added that people of different nationalities live in friendship and brotherhood in Samara. “The Samara region is one of the most multinational regions. We pay great attention to preserving the culture of the peoples who live in the Samara region,” the governor emphasized. representatives of different cultures – learn about the culture of their neighbor, brother, the more powerful platform of good neighborliness and friendship is set by the interpenetration of cultures. I am very glad that cultural figures of the Namangan region will speak today, and we will be able to learn more about the unique, ancient culture of Uzbekistan.”

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Dmitry Azarov is sure that the more people learn about each other, including culture, history, religion, the more “bridges for friendship, assistance and mutually beneficial cooperation.”

The Governor expressed confidence that the cooperation between the Samara and Namangan regions would continue. “We will lay a very serious platform for the friendship between our countries and regions to be preserved from generation to generation,” the head of the region emphasized.

Today, creative teams of the Uzbek State Philharmonic, students and graduates of the State Conservatory of the Republic, winners and laureates of international song and dance competitions performed on the stage.

“Without cultural exchange, it is impossible to build relations between countries,” Hokim Shavkat Abdurazakov is sure. “Thanks to our leaders – the presidents of the two countries, interregional relations between the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan are actively developing.”

Khokim added that tomorrow, November 15, a national fair of industrial and fruit and vegetable products from Namangan region will open in the Samara “Agropark”, negotiations will be held between Samara and Uzbek companies on export and import issues. Residents of the Samara region will have the opportunity to get to know and evaluate the goods of the producers of the Namangan region.

“It is very pleasant that among the audience of the concert there are representatives of different faiths, diasporas, students who came to study in the Samara region from Uzbekistan,” said Shavkat Abdurazakov. In response, he invited the creative teams of the region to perform on the stages of the republic.

At the end of the creative evening, Dmitry Azarov thanked the artists of the Namangan region: “Thank you for your art, come to the Samara region more often to delight us with your creativity.”

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