As he consents to me, I want to begin by saying that you can see that, despite being a statistician, he is a mathematician. And for the record, I mean it without any double intention. In addition, he arrived at our appointment as always: running. And to finish relaxing, he had a beautiful Coca Cola. It is seen that since he left the rectory, he no longer takes Nestea.

We began the talk by talking about his childhood “happy and playing in the Plaza de Santo Domingo and its surroundings. They said I was naughty, but I consider myself normal. ” No comment on my part.

About his stay in Granada, the first thing he told me was that “since he had a scholarship and had to get good grades, I pressed. But is that I was lucky to meet Adela, who gave me seriousness “ As we know each other, the phrase is bold because it is the most important phrase in our conversation.

“When I finished my degree, I wrote to 12 Institutes and they gave me a place in 5, including Celia Viñas. When I was about to sign, Mr. Alfonso Guiraum called me in Granada and I went there for 3 years: 73/76. ” He came to CUA, reads the Thesis in 77 and gets the Titularity; and in 1993, the Chair. As he belonged to Granada, Antonio Pascual called him to go there, he told him that after 10 days of having the chair, he won the elections to the Dean of Sciences in Almería ”.

That stage was very good in his university experience, because the dean was in charge of writing the study plans, the entire lesson in terms of class hours and the interrelationships with other Faculties.

“This stage coincided with Alberto as President of the Management Commission, who was there until 97, the year in which the first elections to Rector of Almería were held.” He tells me that “Alberto was a political Rectorate that depended on the Trino gas station”

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When the elections for Rector were called, Pedro Molina, Pepe Guerrero and himself, went to Seville to see Prof. Clavero Arévalo for a report on whether Alberto could be Rector of Almería, without a Professor of this University, and the report was negative for Alberto. So was the report of the Association of University Professors ”.

From that time, which, as we can see, had many ins and outs, it reminds me of his conversation at the Gran Hotel Almería with Virgilio Zapatero, whom the PSOE encouraged to run for the Rectorate “comparing the elections with a football match between Real Madrid and the Almería ”. Knowing his fondness for Atlético de Madrid, I don’t understand why he didn’t use it for comparison. It is seen to be realistic.

“The first mandate was only to draft and approve the Statutes of the University of Almería. They were approved with a vote against because they were sexist ”.

In spite of this, “around the turn of the summer he finds the resignation of González Pradas and two other Vice-Rectors, preparing what were going to be the second Rector elections, to which González Pradas and Javier were going to present themselves. of the Snows ”. Martínez Almécija wins again and carries out “a quiet mandate, in which the Campus is designed, including its Urbanization and the Paraninfo building, as well as the necessary land and the necessary funds to contract all the constructions ”, We cannot forget the close friendship of Martínez Almécija and Antonio Pascual, on whose Ministry the Universities depended.

As for the activities of the UAL, “they launch new degrees and the economic and academic projects of the University are developed. Agronomy is also promoted as a hallmark of the UAL ”.

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His only problem was with “one of the three professors who had to join the UAL, and whose professorship competitions were canceled because they were badly summoned.”

Once this count of those unrepeatable -for all- years was finished, we went on to comment on their personal questions related to their stay in the Rectorate: “Their objective was for the University to be represented in the historic center of Almería, for this they contemplated the possibility of Provincial Hospital and the Mercy Barracks. In any case, none of the authorities involved did anything to end the talks positively. In his opinion, it is a pending issue, although it seems that now the building of the old INP is transferred to him “

We agree that the UAL is a great unknown in Almería, and it reminds me that: “as the Campus is far from the Center of the capital, Almería does not know what it has in said Campus. There are still people who believe that the University has not developed, and do not know how advanced it is in Food Biotechnology and Agro-Food, eg And if the future is Medicine, then let it come, but complete. If the politicians say that it is a Faculty, let it be, but comparable to the other Andalusian Faculties, that it does not stop halfway. ” He emphasizes that “a Clinical Hospital is needed.”

As for the UAL farm, we review its history from the beginning: “it was born with the objectives of using it for teaching in agronomic engineering and for research.”

“The lands, which were LIC, were given by Marcos Eguizábal and for their construction they had ANECOOP, in order to share it, as it is.”

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“When they finally give him the construction authorization in the Environment, through the intercession of the then Councilor Fuensanta Coves, the Almería City Council gives him the building permit to build it and ten days after this, they ask the City Council for the opening: Megino It was not believed that they had finished it: it turns out that all the time they had been waiting for the permits, they had been in its construction. ” This is how the history of Almería is written.

As for the future of Almería, he sees it crappy (and apologies for my translation), because he asks me: “what city allows its City Council to be closed for so many years? What about the Burying ?, and to conclude he tells me that with what they have done in the English Cable, everything is fine. There is indolence. It has to be activated ”.

As for the expectations of the UAL, “these are good, but the Society does not give importance to its fundamentals”. And when we were going to say goodbye, he told me “of course Almería talks about Murcia, they are forcing us to do everything via Murcia”.

At this point, In which now we are talking about the Chipi and the Flores from the Granada era, the one on the Camino de Arabial, and the one by Gregorio Espín in a 5th without elevator, what I wanted to hear comes out: “At the UAL, the Granada model for Medicine is impossible; also: “there is an endogamous team”; “There is no capacity to defend that claim” and finally: “to remedy that, a Rector is needed.”

And by way of farewell, he tells me: “if you can manage this, we are done.” I think all is said.


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