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On a Genoese evening like so many others, in the historic center in Piazza Matteotti, we found ourselves faced with a unique and rare spectacle, indeed very rare. A trio of musicians play live without any request other than to brighten and lighten a spring evening for the Genoese. The band is led by the young Rodolfo Bignardi, with Daniele on bass and Francesco on drums. Approaching the foot of the church of the Gesù, you can hear a lively rock, which recalls Jimi Hendrix, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but also a more “soft” sound as Rodolfo himself calls it: Bruno Mars or Tears for Fears. Very good without a doubt.

It was incredible how the band managed to drag all the listeners into a different space in a very short time and to create something that lately, in my opinion, we are forgetting: being together through music in this case, creates freedom but above all truth. At that moment, the girl who dances leaving her jacket on the ground to get carried away by the rhythm is welcomed as a “free spirit” by Rodolfo: she who knows if she in other conditions she would have been labeled in this way. The gentlemen who, in order to leave their offer to the group, did it at a dance pace in front of everyone, are appreciated, looked at with pleasure, who knows if it would have been so easy at another time. Even a suffering gentleman, very drunk and in trouble, is welcomed and made part of that moment: Rodolfo also talks about him and with him, into the microphone.

Everyone gathered around them to listen, sing, dance to all the songs proposed with a heartfelt enthusiasm. It is a free space, where slowly each one seems to be able to allow himself to show a real piece of himself in a more immediate and unfiltered way, music perhaps does this too.

Inclusion has been created, everyone is part of it and everyone is equal. These are the moments in which it seems that the pandemic has really retreated, in which it seems that we can go back to thinking that the contact, that the other, is not a bad thing or a risk for us.

At a certain point, however, on the notes of “Moondance” by Michael Bublé, the Municipal Police becomes part of this group and slowly the dream is shattered. It is understood that perhaps we are not yet ready to really go back to being together: the fighters have received so many calls from people in the area, disturbed by such noise, that they necessarily had to intervene.

It is about 11.30 pm, the concert is suddenly stopped and all of us who have smiles on our faces are happy with that freedom and that harmony so gained and enjoyed, we have to leave the field. The guys in the band apologized and disappointed they put their instruments back in their cases with the calm of someone who remains incredulous in the face of such strong rejection.

One wonders if perhaps it is not ourselves at times to limit ourselves, to close ourselves, to minimize free expression, and then complain, or we simply cannot trust that others, who bring music or any other characteristic of them. , can be a precious possibility.

Is this the outcome of the pandemic or a refractory common thought?

(Rodolfo Bignardi however managed to communicate that another concert will take place tonight, again in Piazza Matteotti.

We try again.

All invited.)


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