A center dedicated to all pets

14 months ago, Marie Faustin and her father, Jean-François, created the Animalerie in the Tanes Basses business park, a business specializing in the sale of animal products. An opening linked to the employment of an employee. A constant evolution has led to the hiring of three employees and three young people who are preparing a work-study BTS. In addition, there are occasional trainees from the Marie-Sagnier agricultural school in the town.

A constant evolution

It was also a question of extending the services dedicated to animal welfare. “The challenge was finding qualified people who matched the store’s mindset,” explains Marie Faustin.

Today, two independent identities have come to integrate into this space.

The 34 Beauty Dog grooming salon run by Sandra Verdonck Jaspart. Holder of canine and feline grooming and specialization certificates, she practiced in Millau before following her husband to Clermont-l’Hérault. “Everything corresponded to my wishes. A real opportunity to be able to open my own salon”, she remembers. And to specify “I also plan to open a space for canine and feline massage services”.

Grooming salon and create an associative canon club

Next door, an osteopathy practice is being set up, open one day a week on site and the rest of the time by appointment at home. For Marie Faustin, the love of animals does not stop at her business, but also occupies her free time with, in particular, a draft project that she wishes to present in October to the municipality. Create a refuge in the town in the form of an associative canine club. A space that is lacking in the heart of Hérault. The goal is to be able to collect all stray or abandoned pets. But also made the population aware of the involvement that an animal requires on a daily basis explains Marie Faustin, an agricultural engineer specializing in animal behavior and biological rhythm.

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The pet shop: Espace Jules Milhau, 6 rue du Mourvèdre, 04 67 88 26 67. 34 Beauty Dog: Espace Jules Milhau, 6 rue du Mourvèdre, 07 85 97 21 42.

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