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Filing a complaint for animal abuse in the State of Morelos before the Procuraduría de Protección al Ambiente del Estado de Morelos (Propaem) continues to be an “ordeal”, since in most cases, the accusations of citizens are ignored, it is more , they are not even assigned a file number.

The new head of this area of ​​the Secretariat for Sustainable Development (SDS), Carlos Saldívar Salazar, assured that so far in 2021 the number of complaints has risen compared to previous years. He said that there are around 300 that have been received, but that only four proceeded criminally.

However, for Vanessa Perbellini, a member of the Coalition for the Defense of Animals in Morelos, the number of accusations should be higher, perhaps double since not all complaints from citizens are received by that Attorney General’s Office.

“They do not receive complaints, not because they do not reach them; Yes, people report little but of those 300 there must be at least another 300 who did not accept, who did not receive or who did not proceed or did not admit them on the internet page. Besides, we are seeing that it is useless to report in Propaem but it is useless ”.

The cases that the Attorney General’s Office does admit are not adequately addressed, according to Vanessa, as few visits are made and it cannot be verified that the conditions of the animals really change. For example, in a first inspection they verify that mistreatment is taking place, then they schedule a second visit to tell people to change the conditions of the animals.

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But the population can untie the dog or cat, feed it, however in a short time they return to abuse and there is no way to monitor compliance with the warnings as established by the Propaem regulation itself. Less than one percent of all these complaints are criminally proceeding.

“The ones that the prosecutor says that they proceeded criminally is because the animal protectors put pressure on the authorities and Propaem has no choice but to report it, because otherwise they would look very bad,” said Vanessa, lamenting that the situation does not change in Morelos .

Finally, he mentioned that citizens have the option of submitting complaints of mistreatment to the Public Ministry (MP), although he stressed that also in that instance there is the same risk that the accusations are ignored.

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