90% of outbreaks occur outside Valencian educational centers

Valencian students are more contagious in non-school periods. This is the conclusion reached by the Department of Education with the Public Health data in hand. 90% of the cases are detected outside the educational centers which, according to the minister Vicent Marzà, have become “spaces for containment and detection of cases, not spaces for contagion”. Marzà attributes the good epidemiological progress in the centers to the “enormous work” of the educational community, “which are an example”, according to the minister. “We will never be grateful enough for their work, because if everyone did what is done within the centers, we would not be at the levels of incidence in which we are now,” he adds.

Despite this, the Ministry of Health has detected a prevalence of educational outbreaks in recent weeks. “With the global figures that Health offered every day,” explains the conveler, “there was a massive contagion of cases in which the vast majority of positives did not know where they came from.” “Days of 6,000 and 7,000 positives each day, of which only 200 positives were linked to some type of outbreak, and of those 200, some were educational outbreaks,” adds Marzà, who considers that the educational field shows that it is one of the few spaces for socialization in which it continued to be tracked and that, “despite community contagion, it continues to have the security protocols that allow containing outbreaks.

“In the educational case, not only are cases of external contagions detected, but the impact is less than in other areas due to the established protection and hygiene measures,” says the Minister of Education.

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The educational space is where less positives are detected relative to another positive. “The multiplier”, explains Marzà, “is lower, if a positive person is detected in an educational center, what usually happens is that no one else in the center is infected by this person and, in the event that someone is infected It doesn’t usually go up from two to four people. “In other spaces of socialization that multiplier index is usually eight, nine and ten”, he adds.

Since the introduction of restrictive measures after the Christmas celebrations, “the decline in infections in educational centers is clearly seen,” says Marzà. “They are perfectly protected spaces thanks to the enormous work of the educational community.”

Teaching staff vaccination plan

The Consell, and particularly the department headed by Vicent Marzà, has claimed that teachers are considered essential personnel and, therefore, priority in terms of vaccination. “The Interterritorial Health has approved this criterion and we are working on mass vaccination of all teachers as the vaccines arrive,” says Marzà.

The minister has announced that his department works hand in hand with the Ministry of Health for logistics and “shortly we will be able to say what this vaccination process will be like, which will cover all the teaching staff and which will make schools even safer and safer. to recognize the great work that teachers have been doing throughout this stage “, concludes Marzà.


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