9-month prison sentence for a Maó neighbor for animal abuse

Justice has given the reason to the Protectora d’Animals de Maó in the case of the owner of horses denounced for animal abuse in 2020 and sentenced him to nine months in prison and three years of special disqualification from practicing any profession related to animals, as well as their possession.

The magistrate of the Criminal Court number 1 of Maó considers it proven that on June 23, 2020 the defendant hit a mare with a stick to the death. In addition, during inspections carried out by the Consell’s veterinarians on his farm, they found 16 malnourished and dehydrated horses, with ribs and hips marked under the skin. Among the horses, a mare was in a state of “extreme cachexia”, that is, extremely malnourished, and had spent several days in the sun and without water. The inspectors observed that in the vicinity of the animal there was straw and a bucket of water, but the animal could not access both since it was so weak that it could not move.

The mare had sores from lying down for so long without moving, but the defendant did not notify any veterinarian to attend to the animal, which eventually had to be euthanized. The defendant kept the horses on different grounds, both in Vassallo de Maó street and in the Camí d’en Claudis de Llucmaçanes, where animalists became aware of the situation and reported it both to public opinion and to the courts.

The sentence to nine months in jail and the special disqualification for two years is imposed for a crime of animal abuse. The judge also condemned him for another crime of animal abandonment to a six-month fine, with a daily fee of ten euros, and special disqualification for the exercise of any work related to animals and the possession of them for a year. Likewise, the defendant is charged with the procedural costs and the convicted person is warned that, although he will not enter prison for not having a criminal record, the suspension of the prison sentence can be revoked if he does not meet the conditions established in the sentence or commits a crime within the term two years.

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The case of this horse owner, now convicted of animal abuse and neglect, began in 2018, when the first complaints from animal organizations were made public by the state in which he had his equines. Two years later, the Protectora, faced with the repetition of the facts, took them to court.


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