84-year-old in court – taken with Nazi weapons and tanks in Germany

The weapons were stored in the basement of the man’s villa in a prosperous suburb of Kiel. The collection included an 88 millimeter anti-aircraft gun and a torpedo. It was discovered in 2015, in a hunt for art that was hidden away by the Nazis.

The man also had semi-automatic handguns and submachine guns and over 1,000 cartridges.

It took two days to search through the collection. Among other things, 20 soldiers spent about nine hours getting out the tank the man had hidden away, a Panther that weighs almost 40 tons.

Before the trial, the man has said that he bought the tank as scrap metal in England. He did not comment on the indictment when he appeared in court on Friday.

The decisive factor for the prosecuting authority is whether the weapons that were found could be used. Prosecutor Thorstein Wolke said in court that the 84-year-old has broken several gun laws and believes the tank is a weapon of war, as the accused man has restored it.

Defender claims the tank and the rest of the weapons can not be used. An expert appointed by the court believes that only the anti-aircraft gun can probably be considered a weapon of war and that the others cannot be used.


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