8 Benefits of Morning Sex for Health, Stress Relief to …



JAKARTA – Sex activity in the morning helps make it easier for you to enter the work day. This activity can increase energy and relieve stress. Having an orgasm can also improve mood. And, best of all, you bond with your partner.

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The morning is the perfect time to have sex, because honestly the body is ready for it. This is because estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak. One 2013 study found that libido is affected by hormone levels, with the higher the level, the more agile you feel.

Here are the amazing benefits of sex in the morning Health Line, recently.

1. Will last a long time

Speaking of hormones, the more testosterone, the better the sex. High testosterone levels will increase your partner’s libido and improve sexual function. A review published in 2000 also found that higher testosterone levels can improve erection strength.

2. Releasing the hormone oxytocin

Morning sex can bring you and your partner closer. Sex produces oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone. Oxytocin is a chemical in the brain that controls love and bonds. When you let go during sex, you will feel more connected to your partner.


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