6 reinforcements that Chivas could still bring for Guard1anes 2020

Gerardo Flores could have his last wind in Liga MX. | Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images

Chivas did not have a great start in the Guard1anes Tournament 2020, as it barely adds a draw and a defeat, waiting to get a positive result against Puebla, although it should be taken into account that the squad has been very hit by injury issues and COVID-19.

Given the losses suffered, the reality is that Guadalajara still has time to strengthen itself as the transfer market ends until next September.

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Here are six reinforcements the Herd can still bring:

Marco Fabian

The desire of some fans is to see the rojiblanco youth squad again in the club that saw him born, although opinion is very divided, several applaud his possible arrival, others prefer the arrival of other more committed players.

At the moment it sounds that the two-time World Cup player is in advanced negotiations with FC Juárez, but the reality is that if his signing does not take place, he could still put on Chivas’ elastic because he would be willing to sacrifice the salary issue in order to see action in Mexico.

Jair Pereira

Although the defense at the moment does not have much problem having to Hiram Wed, Gilberto Sepulveda, Alexis Pena and Antonio Briseño, his arrival could also be a reality due to the fact that injuries are the order of the day, without forgetting that in this tournament up to five changes can be made per team.

The Commander was left without equipment because he did not go to Just and in Queretaro He did not enter into plans, he also assures that they did not finish paying him, taking the controversy to the TAS.

Javier Cortés

The university youth squad was another of the footballers who were left without a team for the contest, as he did not reach an agreement with Athletic San Luis to remain.

The midfielder is far from being the one from his beginnings and who took the London 2012 Olympic medal, but he continues to have an important overflow, something that the rojiblanca offense is missing and it would not hurt to add, especially in the absence of annotations .

Javier CortesJavier Cortes
Javier Cortés was left without a team when he did not reach an agreement with Atlético San Luis. | Jam Media / Getty Images

Diego Abreu

If the future plan of Guadalajara is to incorporate the son of Loco to his ranks, why not start now to be able to develop his talent, and he himself already accepted that he would be interested in becoming a player of the Sacred Flock.

He is also Uruguayan, who is active in the Defender Sporting, He already plays with the minor teams of the Tricolor and is only 17 years old, but it would not be bad to have him from now on because another situation similar to the last game may arise where the only forwards were Jose Juan Macías and Sebastian Martinez, because Oribe Peralta, Angel Zaldívar and Ronaldo Cisneros they were in no condition to play.

Gerardo Flores

Jerry was left without equipment for a long time, after Blue Cross put him on his list of transferable, but with his great career in the First Division he has too much experience, he also became a national team.

His quality is not in question and it could be beneficial to get to incorporate him because in addition to playing as a right back, he can also manifest himself as a midfielder on that same side.

Now what Jesus Sanchez I was injured and Jose Madueña It does not end up being found, the name of the Morelense can be a great option.

Gerardo FloresGerardo Flores
Gerardo Flores has been inactive for almost a year. | Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images

Nestor Calderon

The Airplane has not had a team since the beginning of the year, after trying its luck with it Salamanca CF from Spain, also during his time at the Champion, he was not really valued as he should have been.

The Toluco canterano was an important piece for the Flock to rise with the Clausura 2017 under the command of Matías Almeyda, by providing assists and goals.

The main characteristic of the tapatío has always been speed, facing and his good punch, so why not give him a second chance at Verde Valle.

Nestor CalderonNestor Calderon
Néstor Calderón was champion with Chivas in the Clausura 2017. | Refugio Ruiz / Getty Images

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