5G: no “harmful effects in the short term”, according to a report commissioned by the government


Not only is it the anti-model of the Amish, according to the President of the Republic, but it is also harmless. A report, commissioned by the government within the framework of the deployment of 5G, underlines in any case that there are no “proven harmful effects in the short term below” the limit values ​​recommended for exposure to waves electromagnetic. The evaluation of the health and ecological risks of very high speed fifth generation broadband is debated. The Citizen’s Climate Convention and several associations had called for a moratorium at the beginning of the summer, a moratorium requested again on Sunday by 70 elected officials from the left.

The government had launched a fact-finding mission. This report is the result of the work of the General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development, the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs, the General Inspectorate of Finance and the General Council of the Economy.

“There is no, according to the consensus of national and international health agencies, proven harmful effects in the short term, below the recommended exposure limit values” to waves, write the authors, who rely on “a large number ”of studies published on the subject since 1950.“ The possible long-term effects, carcinogenic or not, difficult to demonstrate, are at this stage, for the most part, not proven according to the same agencies ”, add -they.

The National Health Security Agency (ANSES), which noted in January the lack of scientific data on the subject, must submit its final report in March 2021.

The auctions for the allocation of the first 5G frequencies are to be held in September, paving the way for the first commercial offers in some cities by the end of the year. The report underlines that “no country has organized a national citizen consultation specifically dedicated to 5G”.

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