500 dogs escaped in fright in the past celebrations


There are several Italian cities and towns in which the mayors have prohibited the firing of barrels and firecrackers (and gatherings) for Sunday evening on the occasion of the final of the European football championship. Among the regional capitals, the decision of the mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola stands out for its far-sightedness, to which the mayors of many Italian capital cities are joining with different nuances.

“Bologna in this case is an example to follow – writes in a note the Italian association for the defense of animals and the environment aida – as the mayor has banned the use and the outbreak of firecrackers and barrels on the occasion of the final of the Europeans. concludes the note – that the barrels are bad for the elderly, heart patients and animals, and that on the night of Tuesday after the semifinal won with Spain there were at least 500 dogs and cats who fled for fear and some of them unfortunately did not homecoming “: Aidaa has prepared a small handbook of useful advice to avoid the escapes of dogs and other animals precisely because of the possible barrels of tomorrow night.

How to protect your dog from sudden bangs: keep doors and windows closed even if it is hot to prevent a too loud blow from frightening them and making them flee; keep them in the apartment, preferably in a dimly lit room away from noise; minimize the impact of the barrels by turning on the music; do not keep them tied to the chain they could choke; walking the dog on a leash, being careful for elderly dogs and heart patients; make sure in time that they are easily identifiable with a microchip, tattoo and medal; if the animal gets out of hand, look for it in the kennels and report the disappearance by submitting a report of loss to the brigade, carabinieri or police, notify the animal welfare associations and social networks that deal with missing animals; don’t reinforce their fear of bangs by fussing yourself.

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