5 Russian Desserts Using Strawberries (Recipe)-Russia Beyond

June 11 2021

Maria Aphonina

We have collected recipes for desserts of various difficulty levels using these fresh and beautiful berries for the strawberry season. I’m sure you can make one.

1. Cream and strawberry tartlet Difficulty★★★★★

The best tartlet that many people dreamed of as a child. The image was that it could be eaten when watching a play or at some happy event. In summer, add light cream and fresh, sweet and sour strawberries.

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2. Dessert “Pavlova” Difficulty ★★★★

Named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this dessert looks like a candy made by a fashionable pastry chef, but making the meringue on which this dessert is based is as difficult as it sounds with a mixer. Absent. Add cream and strawberries to it to create a fluffy dessert reminiscent of a ballerina tutu.

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3. Tsvetaeva Strawberry Pirog Difficulty★★★☆☆

The soft-tasting sour cream pirog is named after Marina Tsvetaeva, a female poet who represents the silver era. Legend has it that Tsvetaeva valued this pirogue very much. If you want to make a simple pirog for a poetry evening or a song gathering in a dacha, make this dessert. The ingredients are simple and the important thing is the berry filling.

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4. Cottage cheese with strawberries Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

 100% Successful recipe: Cottage cheese (300g), Fresh cream, sour cream (100g), Blend with a sweetener (such as honey) and mix until even. Strawberry(200g) Is cut into small pieces, sprinkled with lemon juice, and sprinkled with vanilla sugar.Spread cottage cheese in a dessert glass, line up strawberries on top and eat immediately (the above ingredients are23Person points).

5. Strawberry soup difficulty☆☆☆☆

The strawberry season is when we break the line between soup and jam. It was thought so in the Soviet era when this recipe was born. What is needed to eliminate this border is a blender. For lunch, add strawberry nuts, water, sugar and croutons.

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