5 New Facts Revealed in the Murder Case of Women in Menteng


Police continue to uncover the case of the murder of a woman with the initials IW (31) in a hotel room in Menteng, Central Jakarta. The perpetrator of the murder is known as AA (22). Here are the latest facts about the murder.

1. Starting from Open BO on MiChat

Police said the victim initially opened an open service booking online (BO) via the Michat app. AA himself is the victim’s date.

“Yes, it’s open BO,” Central Jakarta Deputy Chief of Police AKBP Setyo Koes Heriyanto at the Central Jakarta Metro Police, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Sunday (30/5/2021).

Setyo said the IW victim had stayed at the hotel for two days. He also said there was a possibility that the victim would stay for three days.

“This incident stems from the desire to vent lust with the help of the MiChat application to get sexual services,” he said.

“After several tries, finally, brother AA (22) was able to date sister IW alias V (31),” continued Setyo.

2. Online Gambling Addiction is a Murder Motive

Police reveal AA’s motive for killing IW. Police said AA killed IW because of his online gambling addiction. AA plans to take the victim’s belongings.

“It turns out that brother AA plans to take the belongings of sister IW. With the cash and the proceeds will be used for online gambling. So brother AA is already addicted to online gambling,” said Setyo.

AA has been gambling online since 2019. He is also known to have snatched several times around East Jakarta.

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“For online gambling itself, from the last few years, they have committed a crime even though it was only a robbery. The results are of course used for online gambling, so maybe around 2 years,” said Setyo.


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