5 keys to understanding your dog’s language

Good communication is very important to strengthen the bond and improve the relationship with your dog. In day-to-day care, you will surely learn to know your pet thoroughly, to interpret its signals and to decipher the messages it sends you.

“In regular communication with dogs there are some messages that anyone has had to learn to interpret without difficulty,” says Sergio Martínez, veterinary ethologist at AniCura Constitución Hospital Veterinario. “We refer to situations such as the insistence on the demand for attention, asking for food, the submission they show when they do something they should not or realize when something scares them”, According to the expert in animal behavior. However, there are other types of known signals that we will not know how to interpret without the necessary training, since it is a specific language for the canine species.

Here are five keys that can help you translate the body language of dogs:

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