5 dangerous spots for farm dogs: from manure pits to reversing

Depending on the design, every vehicle, such as a tractor or farm loader, blind spots that the driver cannot see from the seat can. That is why it is so important to adjust all mirrors on the vehicle correctly. Briefly check the position of the mirrors before each journey or work. the side rearview mirror should be adjusted so that you can see an area of ​​at least 100 meters behind the vehicle.

This also applies if you are transporting a trailer with loads. For lof followers recommends the Installation of retractable mirrors, as larger amounts of hay or straw restrict rearward visibility with normal rear-view mirrors. For larger vehicles that are difficult to see, such as tractors or farm loaders, you should use the additional installation of an interior rear-view mirror think.

This increases the field of vision to the rear. You can get additional security through the Installation of reversing cameras on lof vehicles and gain followers. So can you View areas directly behind the vehicle, where mirrors are not enough. Those are valuable Incidentally, reversing cameras are also used on cars with a horse trailer – because in addition to the additional safety, maneuvering is also easier.

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