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Baoji Traffic Police strictly investigates “Blow Street” motorcycles. The Western Network Baoji News. Baoji Weibin Traffic Police Brigade Qiaonan Squadron has recently severely investigated and rectified unlicensed and unlicensed, illegal reassembly, and illegal driving of large-displacement and high-noise motorcycles on the road. Severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts suspected of “racing racing”, prevent motorcycle noise from disturbing people, and escort traffic safety.

In September 2016, after going through examinations and other procedures during the period, they entered Yangling Vocational and Technical College and began to study “agricultural biotechnology” and “green food production and testing”. In the past 3 years, innovative curriculum development and theory The teaching method combined with practice has improved the overall quality of the students’ professional skills and the level of serving rural revitalization. Shan Shuping, Member of the Party Working Committee of Yangling Demonstration Zone and Secretary of Yangling District Committee The main leading cadres of the village party branch and village committee, our exploratory system, has gradually gained a prominent effect.

“The first farmer education class, the recipe has made explorations and demonstrations for advancing the strategy of rural revitalization, implementing the expansion of 1 million higher vocational students, and cultivating compound talents who understand agriculture and love agriculture. This year, more than 1,000 village cadres across the province applied for the Yangling Vocational and Technical College In the month, 277 people successfully passed the single-recruitment examination, and they will be enrolled in September. Yang Xiaowu, Director of the First Division of the Organization Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee: During the period, “in the next step, we will further increase training and expand the number of training places during the period, and strive to train three times a year. To 500, strive to train 2000 to 3000 outstanding rural cadres in the province in about five years. Through the point-to-face approach, other rural cadres will be encouraged to jointly improve their learning level, improve their ability to become rich, and improve their overall quality.

READ  5 breast enhancement recipes for breast enhancement during menstruation

5 breast enhancement recipes for breast enhancement during menstruation, from A to D

Westnet News (Shaanxi Radio and Television “Shaanxi News Network” reporter, Shaanxi Xia Fei, Tongchuan, Wang Ping and Xiaojun) Hongqi Street, Wangyi District, Tongchuan City is located in the core area of ​​the old city of Tongchuan City, and it is difficult to manage breast enlargement society. The street party committee manages the community with a grid, and serves the masses intelligently with recipes, so that the masses’ lives are more comfortable, warmer and happier.

5 breast enhancement recipes for breast enhancement during menstruation, from A to D

Community resident Yang Junxia is 55 years old this year, and she has passed the age to be eligible to receive the city’s only child parental subsidy.

Under normal circumstances, when residents apply for subsidies, they need to go back and forth to the original unit, the community, the neighborhood office, the district health and planning bureau and other departments to sign and sign back and forth. Western Net News (Kang Jian Li Shengchao, reporter of Shaanxi Radio and TV Station “Shaanxi News Network”) In the fight against poverty, breast enhancement and breast enhancement Zhuye Village, Zhenping County, Ankang City, developed rural eco-tourism in accordance with local conditions. Breast enhancement successfully got rid of the poverty hat and was deep in Daba Mountain. Blooming beautiful sunflowers everywhere.

Right now is the season when more than 400 acres of oil sunflowers in Zhuye Village are blooming one after another. Recipe tourists are flocking to make the calm mountain village lively. Zhang Yue, who is nearly 60 years old this year, never thought that rural tourism would develop so prosperously.

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Zhang Yufeng, a villager in Zhuye Village, Niutoudian Town, Zhenping County: During the period, “I didn’t even think about the funds, I didn’t have the ability.” Lao Zhang, a farmer born and raised in Zhuye Village, Breast and Breasts, in 2013, a series of unexpected accidents It struck his family, first the grandson was admitted to the hospital because of premature delivery.


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