4K Garden 2022 Technology Strategy Officially Released, Focusing on the Two Cores of Content and Technology

It was reported on January 14 that the 4K Garden 2022 technology strategy was officially released a few days ago. It will focus on the two cores of content and technology, and comprehensively deploy 5G+8K content ecology and 8K+VR technology ecology.

At the technical level, 4K Garden is about to release a series of new technology research and development and application around 5G+8K+VR, linking different terminals such as large and small screens, VR, etc., especially for 8KVR to achieve a comprehensive upgrade from production process to terminal experience, boosting 5G+UHD, Innovative breakthroughs in the VR and display industries.

It is reported that in 2022, 4K Garden will jointly establish a large-scale 5G+8K+VR integrated ecological platform with partners, and re-customize the overall process and solutions from front-end production to back-end presentation, including self-developed professional 8K 3DVR shooting Equipment, display terminals and 8KVR efficient content production process, closely combine 8K production standards with VR production technology, strengthen professional 3D stereoscopic VR production technology, comprehensively upgrade users’ immersive visual experience when wearing new VR glasses, and strive to create a metaverse era content production standard.

In terms of VR content and planning, we will give full play to the advantages of 4K Garden in content creation and large-scale production, design content requirements at different levels in a pyramid shape, and rapidly realize the accumulation of VR high-quality and batch content in 2022, and continue to break through the industry. The bottleneck of VR content creation. Through VR technology + content, we will promote the high-quality upgrade of the ultra-high-definition + VR industry.

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Yu Lu, vice president of 4K Garden and chief engineer of 4K front-end technology, said: “4K Garden has many years of experience in VR production, and we have also evaluated the entire VR market. Compared with the ultra-high-definition professional video production standards established by 4K Garden, there is a larger gap. The audience intuitively feels that the VR content is boring, the definition is poor, and the experience effect is not good. If you want to achieve a breakthrough in virtual reality video production, you need to first upgrade the hardware, technology and process. The advantages of technology empower the VR industry.”

In terms of technical application, in 2022, 4K Garden will also devote itself to the creation of virtual humans and the development of innovative interactive content and applications based on VR scenarios, combining with mature technologies such as ultra-high-definition live broadcasts, to create a new content ecology in the metaverse scenario. At the same time, it will also carry out strategic cooperation with industry-leading artificial intelligence and visual special effects, character gesture recognition, motion capture and other related technical fields to achieve efficient integration and complementation of resources, and promote the application of ultra-high-definition + VR innovative technology.

It is understood that 4K Garden has already started the production and accumulation of VR content as early as 2019. It has added 360-degree ultra-high-definition VR live broadcast or recording in application scenarios such as concerts, sports events and documentaries, and also provides services for mobile Migu, etc. The three major operators have provided a lot of quality VR live broadcast content and technical support. 4K Garden will rely on the original experience to escort the production of VR high-quality content and the application scenarios that can enhance the user experience by combining with virtual human technology, and also provide technology and comprehensive solutions for the in-depth cooperation of more industries in the field of ultra-high definition and VR. Orientation production support.

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