490 students from Tenerife will have linguistic immersion scholarships

The Education and Youth area of ​​the Cabildo de Tenerife opens the deadline, until October 14, to apply for language immersion scholarships (BIL) for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 academic years, to which it allocates more than 3.3 millions of euros. On this occasion, it is offering 490 places to study French and English in Canada, France, Ireland, the United States and, as a novelty, the United Kingdom, which is joining the project through the Cambridge scholarship.

It is in this novelty that the island’s Minister of Education and Youth, Concepción Rivero, emphasizes, who explains that “we have worked very hard to incorporate a new type of scholarship, the so-called Cambridge, which allows students to take a course endorsed by the prestigious British University and the stay in the United Kingdom». From his perspective, “it will be a great learning opportunity to participate in the educational and cultural program of this important educational center.”

The Cambridge scholarship will have 20 places for students who are currently in their fourth year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO). The participants will develop an online course during the first level of Baccalaureate to finish with a three-week stay in the United Kingdom, which will take place during the summer vacation period. Accommodation and meals will be in the residence of the University of Cambridge itself.

As far as the modalities that are part of this program up to now, hardly any changes have been introduced. Language immersion scholarships can be taken in Ireland, Canada or France for 105 days. Students will stay with a family and attend an educational center in the country of destination. For this modality, 200 places are offered to which those who are currently studying the third level of ESO may choose.

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In the area of ​​Education and Youth of the Cabildo “we attach great importance to these scholarships, since it is not only an opportunity to learn and improve knowledge of a language, but it is a unique life experience, as they tell us the young people awarded scholarships in previous editions”, says Rivero.

The Impulsa Scholarships develop online studies in English or French. They may also be requested by those who are studying the third year of ESO. They include a one-month stay in Ireland, Canada or France, depending on the chosen language, during the holiday period after the end of the course.

The Dual Scholarships are aimed at obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in the United States or Canada, in parallel to Spanish. They include a one-month stay in the corresponding country during the summer holidays between the two Baccalaureate courses, and those who are in their fourth year of ESO may apply.

The insular director of Education and Youth, Isabel Bello, assures that the linguistic immersion scholarships “are an opportunity to deepen knowledge in a language” and recalls that “the profile of the scholarship recipients is that of young people with exceptional academic performance.”

Applicants will opt jointly for the language immersion or Impulse scholarships, on the one hand, and for the Dual or Cambridge scholarships, on the other. The award order will depend on the best academic record and, in case of a tie, the family income will be valued. Applications will be submitted through the portal www.sede.tenerife.es.

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