43,300 young people will access higher education for free

The Ministry of Education signed three agreements with higher education institutions public services in Huila, Quindío and Caquetá, to provide access to this service to about 43,300 young people.

The agreements were made with the Universidad Surcolombiana, the Universidad del Quindío and the Universidad de la Amazonia.

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In Huila there will be at least 18,900 beneficiaries with Zero Enrollment, of which 12,000 belong to the Universidad Surcolombiana; Likewise, in Caquetá 9,400 young people will study for free and for the department of Quindío there will be 15,000 students.

The free policy seeks to help 695,000 students from levels 1, 2 and 3, which represent 97% of undergraduate youth for the second half of 2021 and 2022.

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“In these three departments, the National Government also supports the processes of access, permanence and graduation of students thanks to the Generation E Program, which since 2018 has contributed by providing access to Higher Education for more than 200,000 young Colombians in 98% of the municipalities of the country, “said the Ministry.

There are 5,894 young people from Huila, 3,964 from Caquetá and 2,177 from Quindío who are part of Generation E in its Equity and Excellence components.

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In recent days, the Government also signed an agreement with the authorities of La Guajira so that more than 14,500 young people from the University of La Guajira and the Infotep headquarters of San Juan del Cesar have Zero Enrollment.

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