“42nd World Heritage Theater-Mozu Tombs” Held in Sakai City on February 15 Mario Kuroba, Noritoshi Furuichi and others will appear as guests | OVO [オーヴォ]

Sakai City “42nd World Heritage Theater-Mozu Tombs”

Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, will perform the 42nd “World”, a talk show and a reading theater (reading story) inviting guests such as actors to widely disseminate the charm of Sakai City through the world heritage Mozu tombs. “Heritage Theater-Mozu Tombs” will be held on February 15th (Tuesday) at Fenice Sakai (2-1-1, Okinabashi-cho, Sakai-ku).

The World Heritage Theater is an event that holds music concerts, classical performing arts, contemporary theater, etc. at World Heritage sites in various parts of Japan, and will be held for the third time in Sakai City. (Organizer, Sakai City, World Heritage Theater Executive Committee)

In the first part, as “World Heritage University”, lectures by Japanese scholar Susumu Nakanishi, Nobuko Nakano (brain scientist), Noritoshi Furuichi (sociologist), Mario Kuroba (actor) and others are “ancient people”. A talk show will be held under the theme of “What I left behind, how can I make use of it now?”

In the second part, “World Heritage Theater,” actors Toshiyuki Someya and Mario Kuroba will perform a leading theater “Japanese Mythology Theater” (tentative title) based on Japanese mythology.

Capacity is about 1800 people. Admission is free, but application is required. General reception is from 11:00 am on Friday, January 14th to 6:00 pm on Tuesday, January 25th. If there are many applications, it will be a lottery. Apply from the event special website.


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