4 easy snack recipes with hot cake mix! Also for making sweets during summer vacation | LEE

With a pancake mix, any snack is fluffy and fluffy!

Have you used it? A hot cake mix that makes it easy to make plump and thick pancakes just by mixing eggs and milk is a very convenient magic powder ☆

With its magical power, you can quickly and surprisingly easily make fluffy snacks such as cakes and donuts, not just hot cakes.

This time, we will deliver 4 super-easy and fluffy snack recipes using hot cake mix from Mr. Sachiko Kondo, a cook who is very popular for snack recipes that you can enjoy with children. The long time spent with whisks and hand mixers to make them soft and fluffy is a thing of the past.

I’m very happy to see the swelling process while being excited ♡ Let’s enjoy making snacks this summer!

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1. 3 minutes in the range of Sachiko Kondo! “Carrot cake”

A fluffy healthy cake of cheese cream with carrots and yogurt is only 3 minutes in the microwave! Moreover, you can make it with Tupperware! For children who are not good at carrots, bananas are OK! Making a fluffy cake in the microwave is a dreamy and wonderful recipe.

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2. Sachiko Kondo’s “Pizza-like cake sale”

With hot cake mix, fashionable cake sale is easy! You can freely choose the ingredients you can put in, from the pizza style that is popular with children to the adult Camembert, blue cheese, chorizo, and nut flavors! Let’s talk together and challenge the original cake sale!

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3. Sachiko Kondo’s “Healthy chewy! Okara donuts”

Donuts that tend to feel a little guilty can be made into nutritious healthy donuts by making them with okara! Not only is it ideal for children’s snacks, but it is also ideal for adults as the dietary fiber from okara makes it difficult to raise blood sugar levels. This is a truly idea recipe that shines with the technique of gently dropping donuts with a scoop so that even children can easily and enjoyably make them.

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4. Sachiko Kondo’s “Chocolate Cake”

Chocolate cake

A full-fledged chocolate cake is completed just by mixing it round and round! The fragrantly baked white chocolate adds a crispy texture and flavor. By devising materials such as changing the chocolate used and adding nuts, from children’s to full-scale adult specifications. It is a recipe that you can feel the easy time saving power of hot cake mix.

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You can make a fluffy snack without whipping! Perhaps the more people who are good at making snacks, the more surprised they were at the appearance and penetration of various pancake mix recipes.

I didn’t realize that it was so easy to make delicious. .. .. The hot cake mix recipes that have been released to the world are so attractive that I cannot help but think so. Above all, Sachiko Kondo’s recipe introduced this time is full of ingenuity that maximizes the appeal of the pancake mix.

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Sachiko Kondo’s recipe, which continues to send out “Oyako snacks,” is a recipe that is kind to everyone, with careful consideration for nutritional balance, easy time saving, and ease of use of ingredients. Not to mention its deliciousness.

There are many more “Oyako snack” recipes in “Delicious LEE recipes”! Please make use of it to create a fun time with children during the summer vacation and to create a friendly time with not only children but also important people. The snack is the best!

(Ponpoko in charge of summarizing delicious LEE recipes)

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