4 different endings recorded before the grand finale


A production insider working on The Voice revealed a few secrets behind the scenes of tonight’s grand finale, including the fact that they filmed several different endings.

The grand finale, broadcast this evening at 7 p.m. on Channel 9, was pre-recorded a few weeks ago.

But because the audience will determine who will win via live voting (which ends after the four artists have performed in tonight’s episode), the show was forced to film four announcements of different winners.

As the production insider told news.com.au, the votes will be quickly counted during tonight’s episode, and then the winner will be announced.

This meant that the remaining four finalists each had to record one version of the ad where they won the show and three versions where they lost.

Speaking to news.com.au, finalist Chris Sebastian said it was “definitely annoying” to film the different versions.

“You have to understand, at that time of the day, we were so tired,” said Chris. “We hadn’t had a day off in two weeks and we were physically exhausted.

“I think some people have done better than others. I certainly tried to exaggerate as much as I could because I wanted it to be like it was going to really win.

“It will be interesting to see who wins and who he plays.”

Chris told news.com.au that they only had one tap to record each of the winner’s announcements.

“Obviously, they make confetti, sparklers on the back, it’s quite a spectacle and we had to go through four times,” he laughed.

“It was really embarrassing … it was a test of everyone’s acting skills.”

The production insider explained to news.com.au that The voice Could not have a live final as coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George are currently abroad and are unable to enter Australia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The insider said that with the increased logistics required to produce the show from three different locations, and more time required in production due to the reduced number of crews due to COVID-19 restrictions, the final has only could not be filmed live.

The four artists competing in tonight’s grand finale are Chris Sebastian, Siala Robson, Stellar Perry and Johnny Manuel.

The winner obtains a recording contract with EMI Music and $ 100,000 in prizes. You can vote for your favorite here.

Voice Australia Grand Finale will air this evening at 7 p.m. on Channel 9


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