3D material adapted for autistic students

EDUCATION. Students in training leading to a semi-skilled trade (FMS) from the Polyvalente de Saint-Georges have created material adapted for those living with an autism spectrum disorder in the COM class of the Eco primary school. -Pine of Notre-Dame-des-Pins.

The young people of the Polyvalente de Saint-Georges have designed and printed in 3D characters from the COM class story books in order to allow teachers to work more concretely on these stories with the children.

This idea was initiated by Marie-Claude Laflamme-Bérubé, head of Krëolab, and Marie-Claude Poulin, special education teacher.

“In addition to bringing great pride to our students in special education, the project was a great challenge for them. We have seen a great improvement in their skill with technological tools. We are very proud of them,” they say.

As part of this project, the two groups had the chance to meet when the characters were handed over. The students in FMS were made aware of the subject of autism and observed the impact of their creation during this meeting. This ended with a picnic dinner.

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