377 entrants scored the maximum score at CT-2021 | Science and Education | Society

Interim results of centralized testing are being summed up in Belarus. In particular, as reported on the STV TV channel Director of the Republican Institute for Knowledge Control Yuriy MIKSYUK, in 2021 377 people passed the DH for 100 points.

Of these, 24 showed the maximum results in two subjects. These indicators do not yet take into account the test results that applicants passed on reserve days.

According to Yuri Mikyuk, the Russian language has traditionally become the most popular subject. “From the point of view of results, we can speak of a foreign language as the most successful subject – 88 100-point students. However, we have five foreign languages ​​for rent. There were 64 absolute results in English, so if we talk about a specific subject, then biology became the most successful for applicants – 76 people scored 100 points, ”the director of RIKZ said.


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