360 Bodong Vehicles to be Sent to Timor Leste, Collected in 3 Years


360 motorbikes and cars without an official certificate alias fake that were secured by the police in Pati, Central Java, were collected for 3 years. The fake vehicle is planned to be sent to Timor Leste.

“This activity has been going on for 3 years,” explained Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi in a press conference at the location of the bogus vehicle storage warehouse in Gadingrejo Village, Juwana District, Pati, Friday (28/5) yesterday.

Luthfi explained that the vehicles without official documents, alias fakes, were collected from a number of areas in Central Java and stored in Juwana, Pati. Then, the vehicle will be sent to Timor Leste in a container container.

“The perpetrators tricked the officers with the excuse that the container containing the vehicle would be sent to Kalimantan. However, after being checked, it turned out to be sent to the country of Timor Leste,” he explained.

The discovery of the case began with one of the Juwana Police officers who suspected the activities at the local warehouse location. When checked, it turns out that there are dozens of motorbikes hidden in containers, without any documents.

“From the warehouse crime scene in Gadingrejo Village, Juwana District, 57 motorcycles and 11 cars were confiscated. Then at the development scene, namely at Tanjung Emas Port, Semarang, 264 motorcycles and 28 cars were confiscated,” said Luthfi.

Now, the police have named as many as 9 suspects in the case. They have been secured and detained at the Pati Police Headquarters for further investigation. Including evidence of hundreds of vehicles were also seized by the police.

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Watch the video ‘Police Raid Bodong Vehicle Warehouse, Seize 360 ​​Cars!’:

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