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Original title: Married to the first love of 16 years, 32-year-old Huang Yali became the city version of Li Ziqi: The treasure girl is really hammered!

Author: Puxiang Industrial Design Station

  Huang Yali is married.

  The other party was the first love of 16 years of long-distance love. When the news came out, many people were deeply surprised.

  If it weren’t for the news of marriage that rushed to the hot search, many people would not remember that she was once a member of the super girl in the 05 world, because now Huang Yali who appears in the public eye is no longer the singer Huang Yali, but the lifestyle Huang Yali.

  Maybe you, like me, haven’t heard Huang Yali sing for a long time, but in fact, she has been singing.Not only that, she alsoPainting, traveling, and decorating have turned life into poetry.

  Now, this treasure girl finally can’t hide.


  Marry first love

  Mountains and rivers, you and I walk together

  If you ask the super girl in 2005, how does it feel to marry her first love? I am afraid that only Huang Yali can answer your question.

  “It’s the silent stay in the ordinary years, and it’s the wind and snow in the travel life.”

  Time goes back to 2005.

  At that time, the hot days were hot and there was no sugar-free soda age. People could only indulge in the happiness brought by watermelon, WiFi, and air-conditioning. After get off work, they would lie in bed after work and always need some entertainment to dispel their excess enthusiasm and hormones.

  The emergence of “Super Girl” has allowed people to find the best way to release their enthusiasm. In an era when mobile terminals were not yet developed, even the grandmother urged her children to vote for Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, and Zhang Liangying.

  Huang Yali was not at all optimistic at the time, and it is not an exaggeration to say that she was an abandoned son.

  In terms of image, the neutral dress is no better than Li Yuchun and Zhou Bichang, who are still leading the trend today; in terms of singing skills, they are no better than Zhang Jingying and He Jie. And because she was underage, she seemed to be bullied and became the PK king of this session. In almost every game, there were people who wanted to PK with her.

  Brushing her off seems to be a very easy thing, she is always on the verge of elimination.

  A 16-year-old girl came to the city alone to compete and was “besieged” by a group of adults. Her anxiety and helplessness grew rapidly, and she was at a loss.

  At this time, she met Wang Hao, who had just come to the Hong Tao team for an internship. He encouraged her not to give up:

  “Just standing on the stage is a victory.”

  When people have faith in their hearts, they will become invincible. In the end, Huang Yali counterattacked with a song “Slaying the Wolf” and broke into the top six, which was a dark horse at the time.On the podium, she stood among a group of sisters, because the little one was quickly overwhelmed, but his eyes could lock her, although there was no close contact, but the ambiguity quietly grew between each other.

  Without words, their eyes have betrayed each other, and they slowly established a romantic relationship.

  However, because of the different follow-up development path, Huang Yali fell into silence after the “Butterfly Spring” fire, and was arranged by the company to go abroad to study and promote, and she was separated from her lover ever since.

  Then came a long distance relationship for 13 years.

  The past 13 years have not been good. Both of them have had ups and downs, but they have never forgotten to love each other.

  Huang Yali released a new album here, but the response was mediocre. People gradually forgot about her. Wang Hao has been doing things behind the scenes and has been unknown for many years.

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  Because of the common hobby of traveling, the two travelled in many places.

  The outdoor experience made Huang Yali discover that her talent lies in travel and transformation. Wang Hao found that he is more suitable for planning and directing outdoor programs than a studio.

  Traveling allows them to find their direction in life and find themselves again.

  During the trip, there are many moments of joy and turmoil. Although I have never shown affection in a high-profile manner before, any one is dog food.(There is a nickname between them, Huang Yali is the big king, and Wang Hao is the little king.)

  The big king imitates the little king’s posture, which is a posture that worships you.

The king rides on the little king to hang the lanterns together and enjoy the romantic evening.

  The king molested Xiao Wang in the attraction, cos “The King of Comedy”.

  The king and the king ski together, and if they lose, they will make a kiss to you.

  Let’s wear couple outfits together, today we are a combination of bibs.

  The kind that Xiao Wang tied the shoelace to the King willingly.

  Form a band together and practice guitar at home, which is called a slash band.

  Xiao Wang is the king’s eternal photographer, even in the deserted woods, he has to take up this job consciously.

  Open a grocery store together and leave our most beautiful time.

  Have a barbecue together, even if you wander outside, home is where you are.

  Sing to the guests, we are the best partners.

  Around the plowing fire, you play and I sing, as you said:

  “You are my wild child, and I am your white moonlight.”

  If it weren’t for Huang Yali to blew herself up in “The Longing for Life”, many people still don’t know that this pair of lovers has been silent for 16 years.

  Know each other when they are not yet famous, and support each other through the darkest moments of life.

  Even when she met, she was a big star, he was an unknown intern, and then she was a singer, he became the director behind the scenes, and their love never changed.

  In their Weibo, they recorded many details about each other.

  There are trivial daily routines and romantic times.

  “Because of this pure love, even the four seasons have a lovely appearance.”


  Build the heart of Yamada by yourself

  Live life as a poem

  Many people admire Li Ziqi, she has a small fairy courtyard.

  It is full of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Spring comes to plant seeds, summer comes to pick flowers, autumn comes to harvest, and winter comes to enjoy the snow. In such a yard, making wine and tea is very pleasant.

  But compared to Li Ziqi’s fairy courtyard, which is unattainable, Huang Yali’s “Yamada Heart” is more homely.

  “Shin Yamada”The origin of is the local dialect meaning “baby”,Contains the love and blessings of parents

  Under this beautiful meaning, Huang Yali started to transform the heart of Yamada, making it the envy of 3 million people.

This is a sketch designed at that time, a big house with a red mailbox at the door.

  There is also a blue post box at the entrance,Specially used to place letters from fans.

  The painting at the entrance is “Yali Sheep” drawn by a friendWrench and microphone,Are two different selves.

  The terrace also made a swing,Specially empty yourself.

  She used old things and transformed them into furniture.

  A tree has become a fence,Lamps and clothes hangers.

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  The rusty anti-theft net became a suspended ceiling.

  Remade the sofa cover,It feels like buying a new sofa.

  Made an ancient pavilion with thatch.

  The straw is rubbish?No, the starry sky of Van Gogh is priceless.

  Make a cute tablecloth,Did you find it?This is a long blue river,The chopsticks are the little people swimming in them.

  Made a fireplace,Night talk in the surrounding furnace is her ideal.

  “Every sad person,You can get the comfort of your soul here. “

  Opened up a vegetable yard,Let the guests eat the freshest fruits.

  The water bar is essential,This is where the story begins,It is also a place where people put down their guard.

  The workplace is the most peaceful harbor,it’s here,She can indulge in craftsmanship.

  Pyrotechnic kitchen,The best way to flow each other’s emotions,“After eating the rice I cooked,From then on you will be protected by me. “

have to say,Huang Yali’s hands-on ability is really strong.

  You can’t think of it,How big is the comparison before and after.

  Everything is completely new.Every space is full of fun.Put on souvenirs from your travels,Full of memories.

  Hang up the paintings I made,Put yourself in art at all times.

  Put a long table and shelf,The space is planned reasonably.

  Although the house is rented,But as long as the landlord agrees to the renovation,Should live out the ritual sense of life,This is respect for one’s own life.

  Living in such a house,Full of happiness.

  it’s here,She lived out the breadth of her life.

  Handmade wooden spoons,This wooden spoon is called “Cengfan artifact” by her.

  Hand-woven bags,Not to mention, it’s pretty fashionable.

  Put the flowers and plants into the photo frame,The flowers are always brilliant.

  Make the heart of Yamada into refrigerator magnets,Very commemorative.

  Yamada Xin also attracted many celebrities. Huang Yali will hold many activities here, such as planting vegetables and reading books.

  The fruits and vegetables grown by Wu Xuanyi are already ripe and can be made into a pot of vegetables next time.

  Prepared snacks for the guests, and started the reading sharing session for everyone.

  Everyone who has been to the heart of Yamada will leave a cup of his own,Familiar objects and tastes make people feel like they are home.

  Over the years, the walls of Huang Yali’s house have been filled with all kinds of water glasses. Although the walls are filled, she remembers exactly who belongs to each glass.

  Yamada Xin actually has another meaning:

  The mountain has a group of reliable friends, just like the mountain can be relied on; the field is three o’clock and three vegetables, always enjoy the food; the heart is to love life and live in the present with heart.

  Yamada Xin, isn’t it the ideal life that everyone desires?

  The one you love is by your side, your best friend is on the opposite side, three meals a day, four seasons for two people.


  Never give up singing

  The person who borrowed the light was finally illuminated by the light

  If Yamada Xin is her greatest achievement, then the concert divestment event is the biggest blow to her life.

  At that time, because of “Butterfly Spring“After the explosion, some people said that they would hold a concert for her, but after all the preparations were done, they suddenly withdrew.

  The reason given by the other party is:Do not make money.

  Before the concert was held, he was bad-mouthed and divested, which was extremely harmful and insulting.

  But she did not give up.

  “If there is no stage, then build a stage.”

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  She wants a mobile stage so that she can take her singing far away.

  “If you have a car, you can drive your stage around, and you can sing wherever you go.”

  Zhao Yingjun, who was still alive at the time, revealed that she had spent all the money for this dream.

  The stage needs an effect, she startsTo borrow the light plan:

  Borrowing other people’s commemorative objects, she transforms them into stage decorations.

  As soon as the Borrowing Plan came out, countless people came from all directions and gave her the most precious things.

  This is a baby tooth, and she made it into a ring.

  Hu Ge lent her a pair of white shoes, which means his youth; Zhang Liangying lent her the number plate when she participated in the Super Girl Voice, which represented Zhang Liangying’s starting point for becoming a singer.

  Wang Ou lent her the crown of the Nanning Division, which was the first time she had obtained the glory.

  A friend lent her the wedding dress she had when she was married, and let her use it as a costume.

  With these, Huang Yali has a stage.

  Although the audience is small, this is where the dream begins.

  When she slowly emerged from the carriage, many people were moved:

  This person who loves to sing can finally sing.

  Even if the clothes are made by themselves, this is the precious place.

  Later, Huang Yali drove this car to many places, all the way from Beijing to Haikou, and also participated in the New Year’s Eve concert on Mango Terrace in Hunan.

Those who borrow light are finally illuminated by light.

  When Huang Yali was 30 years old, she also held an exhibition under the name of Borrowing Light Project. All the precious items she received this time will be displayed in Beijing 798.

  Almost all the friends came, Li Yuchun, Zhang Liangying, Zhou Bichang, He Jie, etc., gathered together, as if time had returned to their youth.

  In order to borrow the plan, she spent all her savings, but this plan finally realized her obsession for so many years:

  Be a singer.

  What about a past singer, a singer will be past, but the love for singing will never expire.

  There are not many people who can counterattack super-girls.

  Huang Yali counts as one.

  She can counterattack, one very important reason is that she has almost the ultimate love for life.

Even though she suffered a setback in singing, she did not give up her love for other aspects of life.

  She likes to cook, and one person can cook it for more than a dozen people.

  She loves farming, associates with the earth, and harvests from nature.

  She likes to travel. She made star lights out of the plastic bottles she picked up, and she was also on the hot search.

  She likes to socialize, not only friends, but also children who have never met, will take a picture and give them.

  No matter how ups and downs of fate, in Huang YaliThere is always light in his eyes.

  Looking back at Huang Yali’s first half of her life, it was actually not going well. She was once shining and no one cared about it.

  But what is rare is that she has a strong vitality, can hold her hair in the trough, pull herself out of the soil abruptly, let everyone see her light.

  Turning red has become a necessity.

  Perhaps in Huang Yali, what we can see is: in what attitude you love the world, the world will love you in the same attitude.

  Don’t abandon, don’t give up, even if you are in a trough, you have to look up at the starlight in the sky.


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