31 new Netflix releases for June 2021

Each month, the streaming giant offers new features for its users. Here you will find all the information on the Netflix news for the month of June 2021.

Netflix is ​​a streaming platform offering an extensive catalog of TV series, films, animated films, documentaries and other film programs.

Discover the Netflix news for the month of June 2021

Discover the 31 new features planned for the month of June on Netflix. And there will be very, very heavy this month.

Judge by yourself :

Welcome to Zombieland

Welcome to Zombieland (June 1): horror comedy that tells the story of humans transformed into zombies, following the genetic mutation of the mad cow virus.


The Delicacy (June 1): romantic comedy with Audrey Tautou who plays the main character.

Stuart Little

Stuart Little (June 1): comedy retracing the life of a little mouse adopted by a family wanting a second child

The real housewives of atlanta season 3 and 4

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 and 4 (June 1): Reality TV Show

Three meters above the sky season 2

Three meters above the sky season 2 (June 3): Second season for the Italian romance that made us dream during the confinement of last April

Pretty guardian sailor moon eternal : the movie

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon eternal: the movie (June 3): find the fourth Japanese animated film in the Sailor Moon universe

Sweet tooth

Sweet tooth (June 4): action film retracing the life of a young child left to himself after the death of his father

Vikings season 6 part 2

Vikings season 6 part 2 (June 5): discover the universe of Ragnar Lodbrok for the first part of the sixth season

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Awake (June 9): sci-fi thriller, global blackout shuts down electrical equipment and deprives humanity of sleep

Lupine part 2

Lupine part 2 (June 11): Omar Sy is back for new heists for part 2 of this series

The genie dragon

The Genius Dragon (June 11): New animated film from the producers of Shrek! Meet a dragon capable of granting wishes

It shakes

Trese (June 11): comic horror animated film

Elite: short stories

Elite: short stories (June 14-17): find four short stories bringing together the characters of the eponymous series

Free your mind

Free Your Mind (June 15): interactive episode for people who want to relax, meditate or sleep

Workin’moms saison 5

Workin’moms season 5 (June 15): find the comic series of the unfiltered universe of women’s lives after the arrival of a child


Taker (June 15): Taken film trilogy, Liam Nesson plays the main character who tries to find his daughter after the latter is kidnapped

Suits season 9

Suits season 9 (June 16): lawyers Harver Specter and Mike Ross are back for a new season!

Black summer saison 2

Black Summer Season 2 (June 17): Zombie Apocalypse-Themed TV Series

Elite season 4

Elite season 4 (June 18): meet the characters of the prestigious Spanish school for a fourth season

An outstanding dad

Unparalleled Dad (June 18): drama film with Kevin Hart

Mobile suit gandam

Mobile follows Gandam, find four animated films on June 18:
– Movie 1 : special edition,
– Movie 2 : soldiers of sorrow,
– Movie 3: encounters in space,
– Char’s counterattack

The sinner saison 3

The sinner season 3 (June 20): detective Harry Ambrose is back for a new season

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High tension seduction season 2

High tension seduction season 2 (June 23): find the ten singles initially reunited on a paradise island

The house of flowers

La casa de las flores: the film (June 23) rediscover the characters of the eponymous Mexican series

The naked director saison 2

The naked director season 2 (June 24): season 2 of this historic drama series arrives on Netflix


Sex / life (June 25): comedy-drama-style series, when a mother goes back to her memories and her fantasies

The a list saison 2

The a list season 2 (June 25): the return of the teenagers from the summer camp in a supernatural dramatic setting

The seven deadly sins : dragon’s judgement

The seven deadly sins: dragon’s judgment (June 28): fourth season of the Japanese animated series

Black lightning saison 4

Black lightning season 4 (June 29): find the fourth and final season on the character of DC Comics

Chronicle of a Murder: The Tuscan Plantier Affair

Chronicle of a murder: the Tuscan plantier affair (June 30): documentary series on the famous murder case of Sophie Toscan du Plantier

Valkyrie apocalypse

Valkyrie apocalypse (coming soon): adaptation of the manga Record of Ragnarok soon available.

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