300 days after his disappearance, a dog is found by his masters

The year is off to a good start for a couple from Beloeil who have found their pet, which has been missing for almost a year. The very moving reunion took place on January 5 at Proanima animal services in Boucherville.

The story, which has a miraculous ending to say the least, began on March 11, 2021 when Maya, a Fox Terrier, frightened by the sounds of thunder, managed to get under the yard fence and flee. The masters then multiplied their efforts to find their doggie and, among other things, reported his disappearance to the organization Ge Cherche Charly.

At the beginning of the year, Laurianne Robert, canine behavior specialist for this organization, was researching social networks when she saw the announcement of a dog found by the Proanima animal services team. She immediately contacted the owners of Maya who immediately went to the site.

Ten months thus passed before Maya could find her masters and her home. When the owners arrived at Proanima, Maya was rather apprehensive. They then presented her with her favorite toy and she immediately waggled her tail as a sign of joy. Then quietly, she recognized her family. As soon as she arrived home, she went to bed on her favorite sofa.

Maya, who had left Beloeil, was found wandering on January 4 in Boucherville without any identification. The story does not say, however, if she wandered all this time or if she was at someone’s house from which she ran away again.

After shedding tears of joy, the owners had their pooch microchipped. This is a great story that starts the year 2022 well.

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