30 names for beautiful and original male dogs

Are you looking for names for male dogs, beautiful and original? In this article we will help you find the perfect one for your 4-legged friend. In fact, when a puppy arrives in the family, the first thing to do is give him the name by which he will recognize himself for the rest of his life. Read on to discover our list of the 30 coolest names along with tips for finding the right name.

How to choose the right name for the dog?

Finding the right name may not be so simple and immediate, but it is important that we like it because it will be the name with which our friend will learn to recognize himself and will respond to the call every time we pronounce it. As for the criteria to keep in mind when choosing, the important thing is that the name is easy to pronounce and not too complex.

To find the right name, we also recommend that you draw inspiration from the dog itself: it has some particularity that distinguishes it from other dogs? Like a darker speck over the left eye? Does he always yawn or does he remind you of the protagonist of some cartoon? Ask yourself all these questions and maybe the right name will emerge by itself because your friend will suggest it to you.

Or, again, you can take a cue from yours favorite singeril philosopher that most stimulates your thought or the historical, artistic or football idol of the heart.

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Names for male dogs: the 30 most beautiful

1) Vasco
2) Lesson
3) Otello
4) Sunny
5) Matisse
6) Socrates
7) Argo
8) Ronaldo
9) Anacleto
10) Pavarotti
11) Simba
12) Ulysses
13) Ercole
14) Giotto
15) Lion
16) Mars
17) Apollo
18) Zeus
19) Sebastian
20) Messi
21) Homer
22) Tango
23) Michelangelo
24) John Stone
25) Cupid
26) Aeneas
27) Totti
28) Albano
29) Romeo
30) Sherlock Holmes

10 Most Popular Male Dog Names

We have seen the most original names, but which are the 10 most popular male names for dogs in Italy?

jack russell puppy

Here is the ranking:
1) Lucky
2) Leo
3) Argo
4) Pepe
5) Oliver
6) Milo
7) Jack
8) Charlie
9) Thor
10) Hector

As you can see from these lists, there are names for every genre and you can use all your creativity to find the best one for you. The important thing is that the name is easy to pronounce and that it doesn’t rhyme with some command like “here” or “sit”. If you are undecided between a couple of names, experiment and call your friend… he will be able to direct you to the name that feels more “his”!

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