27 inclusion specialists in the municipal day-care centers

Deputy Dörte Schall presents Martha Chudy with the certificate as a specialist for inclusion. In the background other graduates of the advanced training with Bärbel Braun (l.) from the Department of Children, Youth and Family (Photo: © Stadt MG)

Moenchengladbach. 27 employees of the municipal day-care centers have been trained at the Kolping Academy NRW part-time to become “Specialists for Inclusion in Crèches and Daycare Centers”. To do this, they had to successfully complete around 140 hours of instruction and a final exam.

“In order for inclusion to succeed, the further training and qualification of our pedagogical specialists is extremely important. That’s why other employees should do the additional training,” emphasized Deputy Dörte Schall when she presented the certificate to some of the graduates. Dörte Schall thanked the employees during the small celebration and promised: “Successful inclusion is a process that will be continued in Mönchengladbach in a targeted manner”.

With the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2009, a rethink towards an inclusive education system began in Germany. The Department of Children, Youth and Family of the City of Mönchengladbach set out and started the “Project Inclusion” in 2019 and formulated the goals of successful inclusion in it. There are now concrete legal requirements and inclusion is a target.

For the elementary level, this means that all children are able to receive education, upbringing and care close to where they live, as well as self-determined participation in the day-care centers for children in our city. In addition, the quality of inclusion should be strengthened, further developed and secured.

The day-care centers implement inclusion on a daily basis by recognizing and breaking down educational barriers, by appreciating and strengthening diversity and by promoting and enabling the participation of all children and their families.

Regardless of their individual abilities, gender, social or cultural affiliation, the children play and learn together in the day care centers. The right to inclusion and the formulated goals of inclusion will continue to be implemented in the shared responsibility of all providers of child day care in our city. A workshop for day care centers took place just a few days ago.

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