20s and 30s bought a lot of apartments in Seoul last month… With what money?

43.6% of purchases of apartments in’under 30s’ in Seoul / Experts “There must have been financial support from parents or direct existence”

Last month, the proportion of apartment purchases in Seoul in their 30s reached 38.5%. If the range is expanded to’under 30′, the portion of purchases rises to 43.6%.

According to the status of apartment purchasers by the Korea Appraisal Board on the 20th, the number of apartment sales in the past month recorded 4320, down 9.9% from September (4795).

By age group, the share of apartment purchases in their 30s was the highest at 38.5% (1663 cases) last month. The proportion of apartment purchases in Seoul’s 30s continued to increase from 29% in May this year to 32.4% in June, 33.4% in July, 36.9% in August, and 37.3% in September.

This was followed by 26.1% (1128 cases) in their 40s, 15.1% (653 cases) in their 50s, 9.6% (413 cases) in their 60s, and 5.3% (229 cases) in their 70s. The number of purchasers in their 20s and under also reached 5.1% (219 cases).

Although the total number of transactions in Seoul declined, it is analyzed that the proportion of each age group increased due to the relatively small decrease in the 30s.

Looking at the percentage of purchases in their 30s by autonomous district, ΔSeongdong-gu (58.7%) ΔGangseo-gu (49.5%) ΔDongdaemun-gu (44.6%) ΔGangbuk-gu (44.4%) ΔSeongbuk-gu (43.6%) ΔGuro-gu (42.4%) ΔYeongdeungpo-gu (42.2%) ΔJungnang-gu (42.1%) ΔGwanak-gu (41.5%) ΔSeodaemun-gu (41.2%) ΔJung-gu (40.9%).

The purchase seems to have been made mainly in the outskirts of the middle and low-priced apartments, such as Gangbuk-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Guro-gu, Jungnang-gu, and Gwanak-gu.

In particular, it is analyzed that the willingness to purchase 30 apartments was strong as the jeonse crisis continued and the price of mid- to low-priced apartments in Seoul continued to rise.

The increase in the number of apartment purchases under 20s is also noticeable. Compared to September, the overall number of transactions in Seoul decreased in October, but the number of transactions in Seoul increased from 204 to 219 for those in their twenties. It has entered the 5% range for the first time since the start of a statistical survey by age group in January of last year.

Accordingly, if the 20s or younger and 30s are added, the proportion of apartment purchases in Seoul last month reached 43.6%.

Last month, the number of apartment purchases across the country recorded a total of 66174, an increase of 14% from the previous month (58,037). The 40s accounted for the most at 27.7% (18,346 cases). Next, Δ30s 25% (16,547 cases) Δ50s 19.7% (13,020 cases) Δ60s 12.7% (8430 cases) Δ70s or older 6.3% (4188 cases) Δ20s 5.4% (3561 cases).

On the other hand, real estate industry and experts believe that the purchase of expensive housing in teens or twenties, which lacks economic power, would have had financial support from parents or direct survivors.

Reporter Kim Hyun-joo [email protected]

Photo = Yonhap News

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