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September 22, 2022 16:28

2022 Town Development Hachioji Fieldwork has been held!

At our Faculty of Law2015Since the fiscal year, we have been holding a course called “Machizukuri Hachioji Fieldwork” (Hachioji City Cooperation Course). This class is to “observe the local community of Hachioji City, discover the policy issues they face, and propose policy ideas to solve them.” The teacher in charge is Associate Professor Noriaki Washiri.

This year’s theme is “Support for raising children in Hachioji City.”7moon28Sun~9moon8was carried out on the day First, the students attend a visiting lecture on “Hachioji City’s current situation and child-rearing support” by the Hachioji City “Future Design Office” and “Children’s Happiness Division.” Next, we will create a survey plan based on the on-site lecture. After that, you will be divided into groups to inspect the site.This year8moon24day and8moon29On the same day, we visited Hachioji City Hall, Tsukuda Nursery School, and Children and Families Support Center. Students prepare policy proposals based on site visits,9moon8A final report meeting was held on the same day.

Participating students (Faculty of Law,22010) described the results of their learning, saying, “By putting myself in the field, I was able to feel closer to policy issues.”

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