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    The future of the NBA begins now.

    With the arrival of the 2022 draft, tomorrow will be brighter, the stars will rise, and if everything goes wrong, a banner will be celebrated.

    It will become clear over time whether these prospects can actually withstand the hype, but we are well aware of their game and paper fit and make real-time assessments of all choices. can do.

    With a red pen in hand, we are here to score all picks.

    Check it out all night as the team will make their choices.

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    The first curved ball in the draft contains the first overall pick. This is because Magic chose Paolo Banchero, not the often ridiculed Jabari Smith. For teams that clearly need offensive focal points (Orlando didn’t have an average of 17 points), this is a fence swing, probably a moonshot blast.

    Banchero is an odds-on favorite if this draft class produces a scoring champion. His aggressive bag bursts at the seams with power, finesse, shotmaking, finish, and power worthy of a blend of 6’10 “, 250 pounds of unjust pass.

    Can he defend at the NBA level now? Physically, it would be better for him to go from the first opening chip, but at Duke, his defensive motors splattered like a broken pickup. Good coaching staff can not only fix the flaws, but also improve the selection of sometimes overly ambitious shots.

    In my view, Banchero has the best fit and best outlook in its class. I did my job very well, Magic.

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    OKC should be excited to put him in second place, as a few talent evaluators have Holmgren on their big board.

    Be careful if Holmgren can make the 195-pound frame bigger. He is now quite difficult to handle without adding muscle. Unicorn Big, which protects floor space and rims, is all the rage right now, and Holmgren gets a figurative horn from a combination of 1.3 threes (39.0% clips) and 3.7 rejects per game.

    In essence, he’s an intimidating, shot-blocking tycoon, and at the other end he’s also a jumbo-sized border player for net shredders. It’s an easy skill tandem to grow engrossed in, even if the thin body of his rails and the creation of a half coat leave unanswered questions about his outlook.

    He needs time, but Thunder can give it to him. We can also offer Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Josh Giddey shot creators. These creators should help Holmgren struggle to produce looks on the half coat.


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    Space City has always been in the lead, holding the third pick in the draft, with three players at the top. Most people thought that even if Smith wasn’t a player, they would fall into this place, but it’s easy to fall either.

    He may be the best shooter in his class. This has been well received by everyone, not to mention the 6’10 “19 years old. He was in quantity (2.3 triples per game) and quality (42.0 percent) during a one-time run in Auburn. Astonished by, I feel that everything about his outer strokes is translatable into the Big League.

    He usually doesn’t make as many shots as he wants from the top three picks, but over time he can tighten the steering wheel and it’s unstoppable. Rockets fans will fall in love with his competitiveness, but Rockets coaches will feel the same about his defensive variety.

    Smith widens Jalen Green’s attack lane, and Green finds a shot of Smith on the move. Smith’s agility and defensive versatility should fit Alperen Şengung perfectly, assuming Houston has Alperen Şengung as its long-term center.

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    Sacramento has captured a player who needs a clean roster fit and a smooth transition to the Murray league. But did Kings make the best outlook on the board here? It’s controversial.

    Murray is old in the Top Prospect (August 22nd), but young in his skill set, which appears to belong to the NBA veteran. His films are almost unmistakable and showcase everything from multi-position defense and shotmaking to on-time (and on-target) passes and healthy instincts.

    His shooting may not be fully measured up to a 3 point percentage of 39.8 this past season, as he shot only 29.6 percent as a freshman and 74.9 percent in his career stripes. He also needs to prove to the Pro Defender that he can consistently make his own shots.

    Murray projects as a high level glue. Its prototype helps a really good team. How effective is a hopeful play-in? It’s a solid choice, but you need more than a solid one from the fourth pick.

    Grade: B


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    Congratulations, Motor City. After Pistons paired Cade Cunningham and Ivy, you’ll soon have the association’s most electric backcoat combo. Ivy gives off a serious Ja Morant atmosphere.

    Ivey is an anthropomorphic of electricity. He combines the track star Burst with the Cirque du Soleil performer’s aerial antique to form a weapon suitable for highlights. He is approaching as the most likely candidate to lead this draft class in a viral moment.

    His jumpers are often there when needed, but they aren’t consistent. He was also able to take his passage and court leadership to another level, which is probably the case for 20-year-old security guards.

    If the border player emerges as the best player in this draft, Ivey is the most likely candidate. The future of Detroit was pretty bright on Thursday.

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    If the Pacers are really on the move to rebuilding (waiting for Malcolm Brogdon’s deal, and perhaps Myles Turner’s deal), they’re forming a significant border trio to lead it. .. They drafted Chris Duarte last summer, added Tyrese Haliburton to the trading deadline, and now completed a trio with Maturin.

    He is a high-level athlete and shotmaker. If he doesn’t know anything else about his profile, he knows at least there’s a reason to get excited.

    Currently, there aren’t many creations (for himself or his teammates) in his game, and his defensive influence is coming and going. Still, he gives the Pacers lots of surrounding shots and transition scores from the gate, and if they help get rid of his weaknesses, they can eventually have real talent in their hands. I can do it.

    Grade: B-

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    interesting. The Blazers, who need as much winning talent as trying to rapidly remodel around 31-year-old Damian Lillard, have spent the top 10 picks on those who haven’t played the game within a year. rice field. Then again, it’s hard to complain because they also just hooked someone with a high ceiling at both ends.

    Sharp, the mysterious man in this draft, has never played a game for Wildcats. This forced scouts and analysts to launch footage from high school. There he was dazzled as a dunker, a shot creator, and an effortlessly smooth shooter.

    Still, his handle and shot selection both require a lot of seasoning, so he can face a sharp learning curve in the league. But if everything goes wrong with his growth, he could be a reliable scorer who keeps his teammates involved and keeps himself defensive.

    The Blazers’ boldness here is commendable. This was probably the way to go, as Sharp could have enormous potential if there was a way to use this pick to keep its trade value.

    Grade: B

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    Assuming Zion Williamson puts his health problems behind him (a big assumption, stay with me), the Pelican’s roster has 46 losses than you think. There are far fewer holes. They could go in any direction here and were wise to catch the soaring Daniel.

    He was, of course, surprised by the pre-draft circuit. The combination of his size and skill is worth the drool. He is the second jumbo-sized playmaker (6’6 “) pulled out of Australia and planted in the lottery for years (joined last year’s sixth pick, Josh Giddey). No matter what they do with the big guards underneath, it’s clearly working.

    Like Giddey, Daniels arrives at the association with an unstable jump shot, and where the stroke eventually lands determines the type of his career. Still, he offers so much as a versatile defender, slasher, playmaker, and rebounder that he can’t be established as a player in a role that at least does everything.

    Daniels feeding Williamson, Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum should be all sorts of fun. Daniels, teaming up with Herb Jones, sounds stuffy on the other end. It’s a good choice.



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    It’s hard to know how San Antonio’s long-term puzzles will be shaped (especially if Dejounte Murray’s trade rumors have surfaced this week). This is a kind of problem as Sochan’s games don’t fit all rosters easily.

    He may be the most devastating defender in this draft, but he’s also one of the least developed scorers (at least among the lottery prospects). If he weren’t such a dynamic defender, he would be doing more for his red flag firing rate from 3 (29.6 percent) and line (58.9).

    Indeed, even with the suspicious jumper, his potential is off the charts. He can defend every position and act as a 6’9 “, 230 pound table setter, but unless his score really goes well, he needs a shot creator around him and goes to San Antonio. Is not enough.

    By the way, this development staff has the opportunity to get the most out of him.

    Grade: C +

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    If the wizard keeps Bradley Beal, it makes sense to find a sophisticated player. Davis scratches the itch.

    He already seems to have a problem with the NBA’s defenses. It is based on the recognition that his 3 ball is an ongoing work (30.6% in 2021-22). He can blow off the big defenders and punish the little defenders around the basket with an impressive low post arsenal for a 6’4 inch guard.

    But the shots around it were a problem, and his efficiency dropped with his expanded role (42.7 percent shots overall) this past season. His defensive efforts are commendable, but he does not have the large size (196 pounds) or athletic ability.

    He’s not a perfect outlook, but he should be a useful professional.

    Grade: B-


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    Thunder landed this pick from Knicks, according to ESPN Adrian VoinaroskiAnd immediately used it for Dien’s flyer.

    He’s a little project, but his size (6’10 “), age (19), and skills make him a project worth working on.

    Pieces are prepared for high-impact interactive players. He can get to where he wants to avoid bouncing, stay away from the defenders, find open teammates and comfortably defend multiple positions. He just needs a lot of tweaking, as both accuracy (as an archer and passerby) and awareness are big issues at the moment.

    Oklahoma City, of course, has a long game. If enough long-term darts hit the board, Thunder can (literally) be a major headache at some point in the future.

    Grade: B


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    After (relative) gambling at Holmgren and Dien, Thunder played safely here with Williams. Williams seems to be an early two-way contributor.

    He ranked among the combine’s biggest winners in measurements (that is, 7 feet 2 inches wingspan), exercise tests, and scrimmage work.

    His numbers coming out of Santa Clara are a bit difficult to break down given the level of competition and the outstanding role he never fills the pros. Still, he has a man’s handle, vision, stroke, and motor of glue.

    When players like Holmgren, Dieng, Giddey, and Aleksej Pokusevski (with their fingers crossed) come in, Williams can shine quietly as a connector.

    Grade: B-

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