2021 Huachen Yu Mars concert four themed routes “Martian” HI tour Haikou_ Paradise

Original title: 2021 Huachen Yu Mars concert four major theme routes “Martian” HI tour Haikou

Scenic spots, hotels, tax-free… Exclusive discount for “Martian”!

About to start singing

“2021 Huachen Yu Mars Concert” will be sung in Haikou Changying Universal 100 Fantasy Park. During the concert, there will be uninterrupted wonderful performances in the Changying Universal 100 Fantasy Park, gourmet enjoyment on the taste buds, thrilling rides, eating, drinking and having fun in one stop!

There are Mars benefits waiting for you! Holders of Huachen Yumars concert tickets can also purchase 128 yuan welfare tickets, and support both online purchase on the Damai platform and on-site purchase. Park tickets can be redeemed on any day from November 23rd to December 7th. You can enjoy all the projects open on the day in the park and watch all the performances. Enjoy the wonderful fantasy paradise during the day, and revel in the “Martian” music world at night, let’s release the fanatical youth together!


Unforgettable beauty


on the way

Unforgettable scenery

A long-awaited concert is a trip that just walks away, and the beauty of Haikou must not be disappointed. Mountain and sea meet here, carving out the most unique landscape.

Play the sea and listen to the waves, the most beautiful city coastline. Overlooking the embankment, the fine sand is like silver, the blue light and the shadows are all paintings. Blowing the slightly salty and wet sea breeze, give your heart to this magnificent sea, sailing boats, wake surfing, and flying dragons on the water… let you change your way! Enjoy the charm of a tropical coastal city. The clouds open to see the trees, the sea quietly listens to the words of the forest, the intoxicating “Haikou Blue” lowers the wetland and the green grass, and the “elves” in the “sea forest” play a harmonious movement between nature and life!

Fashion and ancient times are blended together. The Haikou Bay Yundong Library, built by the sea, is a very popular “net celebrity check-in place”. If you follow your inner guidance, you may encounter unexpected encounters when you turn to the left or right. surprise. The ancient arcade street with century-old buildings along the coast and the dappled walls and gullies are the memories of an era in Haikou, connecting the past and continuing the present and the future. Wander around Jurenfang, Ximenli, Zhongshan Road… Find out the characteristic small shops downstairs, rest in the cafes in the old streets, and feel the atmosphere full of retro art.

Wannian volcano, thousand-year culture. The world’s rare Quaternary volcanic group site Haikou Crater Park covers various volcanic geological landscapes erupted by basalt volcanoes. The prosperous plants and volcanic sites are integrated, showing the mystery and magnificence of tropical rainforest. Climb to the volcano to overlook, feel the power of nature, and play the coolest live-action field battle in the rainforest!

On the volcanic lava desert, the Mission Hills Huayi Feng Xiaogang Film Commune with the theme of the glorious changes of Chinese urban blocks in the century of the 20th century. Unforgettable movie scenes and rich nostalgic atmosphere. Put on a cheongsam and put on the same movie. Action, you are today’s protagonist, just take a screenshot of the movie!

Encounter different creatures in the vibrant Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park .

Scenic discounts

Long Shadow Universal 100 Wonderland

Holders of Huachen Yumars concert tickets can also purchase 128 yuan welfare tickets, and support both online purchase on the Damai platform and on-site purchase. Park tickets can be redeemed on any day from November 23rd to December 7th. You can enjoy all the projects open on the day in the park and watch all the performances.

★Address:Long Shadow Global 100 Cultural Tourism Resort, No. 100 Yehai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Haikou Crater Park

During the concert, holders of the Huachen Yu Martian concert tickets can enjoy a discounted price of 48 yuan per ticket for the crater scenic spot (team window).

★ Address:Haikou Crater Park, Scenic Road, Shishan Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City

Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

During the concert, if you purchase regular-priced adult tickets for Umino and enter the park with your Huachen Yumars concert tickets, you will have a surprise gift for Mars!

★ Address:Dongshan Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City

Mission Hills Huayi Feng Xiaogang Film Commune

Address: No. 9 Yangshan Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City

Mangrove tourist area

During the concert, holders of Huachen Yumars concert tickets can enjoy a 20% discount on mangrove boat tickets (purchased at the on-site ticketing center, no online or telephone reservations are accepted)

Address: Dongzhai Port Mangrove Tourism Zone, Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province.

Holiday beach

During the concert, you can enjoy the hot spring water park ticket price of 19.90 yuan with the Huachen Yuhaikou concert ticket. Barbecue pit is 119 yuan each.

Address: Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Discounts for Qilou Old Street Merchants

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A moment of delicious food




On Hainan Island, which is full of rivers and rivers, Haikou people combine Qiong, Fujian, and Cantonese cooking skills, introduce Southeast Asian flavors, and form a rich and colorful taste experience. Delicious seafood, coconut chicken soup, Shishan milk sheep, dregs vinegar, vegetarian vegetable pot…every moment of delicacy, the foodies come to the side stove and feel the original taste of the ingredients heartily!

The fireworks in the market contain the most down-to-earth life of the people of Lao Haikou. The representative of the leisure life of Hainanese-Dad tea, the focus is not on tea, but on the various desserts with tea, which are integrated into the local culture, sweet and salty, each with its own flavor and everything. In a corner of the streets and lanes, the most authentic food in Haikou is preserved. Beef brisket rice, pork knuckle rice, spicy soup rice, coconut rice, pineapple rice, etc., Haikou’s famous folk meals can be eaten from morning to night.

Gourmet point recommendation

Recommended points for Dad Tea:

A’er Liangtang, Yipinwei Food Garden, Hengxing Fat Tea Shop, Changwang Tea Shop, Pinxiangyuan Tea House, Old Street Cultural Tea House, etc.

Recommended special snacks:

Qilou Old Street, Xunchangli Night Market, Haida South Gate Night Market, Haiken Garden Night Market, Jinpan Night Market, etc.

Recommended points of delicious seafood:

Good Hundred Years, Ten Thousand People Seafood Plaza, Xinbu Island Seafood World, Happy Coast Food Alliance, Lianlizhi Fisherman’s House

Recommended authentic Hainanese dishes:

Qiongcaifang, Qiongcai Memories, Longquan Coconut Chicken Soup, Qiongcai Wang, Nian Nian Ji Qiong Restaurant, Gu Aunt Private Kitchen, Shishan Ecological Food Street, etc.

The various resort hotels scattered on the coastline of Haikou city have different design styles, and the exquisiteness and beauty cannot be hidden! Exquisite and luxurious seaside lawn camping with selected barbecues, there is no limit to happiness!

There is also the hotel’s private and luxurious hot springs, allowing you to relieve your fatigue and relax. Mission Hills Volcanic Hot Spring Valley in Haikou brings together the hot spring styles of five continents around the world. The second Hainan Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Festival and National Health Season kicked off. The hot spring valley’s iconic internet celebrity check-in activities, hot spring food festival, fun Mission Hills, BBQ ladder At night, shooting “hot spring +” theme promotion Vlog, hot spring friends werewolf killing, hot spring color cool running, tigers and vigorous bonfire electric music party eight brand activities run through them, giving you a different trendy experience.

Hotel Offers

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The beat of fashion trends


Internet celebrity bar


Yachts go to sea, net celebrity tail surfing, monohull keel sailboats…in Haikou, brave the wind and waves, and have a competition with the sea! At night, tasting fine wines and delicacies, and feasting on the Haikou Bay’s colorful light show, the feeling of freedom and freedom is unmatched by land.

Play sea surf

Huacai Jiepeng Yacht Club

During the concert, holders of Huachen Yu Mars concert tickets can enjoy: 1. 560 luxury sailing boat out to sea 4000 yuan / hour (buy 1 hour and get 1 hour). 2. D25 sailing sailing for 2000 yuan/hour (buy 1 hour and get 1 hour free), remarks: please book one day in advance.

Address: No. 21, Bihai Avenue, Meilan District

Phone: 0898-31280080

Chuan Kei Yacht Club

During the concert, holders of Huachen Yu Mars concert tickets can enjoy: catamaran charter for 10 people,1980 yuan for three hours, and a luxury yacht with a 75-foot charter for 9,800 yuan for three hours.

Address: Xinbu Island Yacht Club at Mooring Wharf (Company Address: Fifth Floor, Navigation Management Building, Haikou City)

Phone: 13637500889

Sinan Yacht Club

During the concert, holders of the Huachen Yu Mars concert tickets, participate in wake surfing, electric surfboards and sword flying water projects to enjoy 25% off the original price. Afternoon tea on the yacht, the price is 298 per person (original price is 528, need to join the group)

Address: Haikou National Sailing Base Public Wharf

Phone: 0898-68550207

The 24-hour quality living area meets the “Utopia” of life! No matter the decoration is simpleNatural style coffee bar, still hiding in the open-air garden in the downtown areaThe bars and the free and flexible space layout are unique gathering places for young people. Trendy streamMusic, fresh and warm food,Provocative and trendy and stylish, yearning for all kinds of trendy and lively soulsNS!

Recommended for trendy bars and cloud bars


12 BEAST LAB: Haigang Building, 96 Binhai Avenue

Haikou Shark Bar: 2nd Floor, No. 1, Elevator, Friendship Sunshine City, Jinlong Road

Yanoda Bar: 1st floor, No. 15 Lantian Road

Oscar Theater Style Bar: 20 Jinlong Road

Circle Sound&Friend: 29th Floor, Haiya International Building, Guomao Road, Guomao Road

PEEK: 1st Floor, Baofa International Building, 28 Yusha Road

EPE CLUB electric field: 26 Nanhai Avenue

Whiskey Bar: 1st Floor, Bang Parkway City, Jinlong Road

CLUB ARMADA (Amanda Bar): No. 26, Nanhai Avenue, Longhua District

Cloud Bar:

Hilton Haikou. Cloud Bar

It is located on the 35th floor and has an invincible and beautiful scenery.

Address: 35th Floor, Haikou Hilton Hotel, No.109-9 Binhai Avenue

The Langham Haikou. Star Bar

Enjoy fine wine above the clouds of 157m.

Address: 43rd Floor, The Langham Hotel, Haikou, 77 Binhai Avenue

Hualuxe Hotel Hualuxe Sky Bar

The excellent location is the best choice for enjoying the sunset.

Address: 11th Floor, Hualuxe Hotel, No. 21 Bihai Avenue

Shangri-La Hotel COOPER | A Whisky Lab

The unique charm of British whiskey blended with modern design.

Address: 10th Floor, Shangri-La Hotel, Haikou, 256 Binhai Avenue

Carrying space leading the fashion trend-Haikou’s major duty-free shops gather luxury brands. Haikong Global Boutique Haikou Duty Free City, Shenzhen Mission Hills Haikou Duty Free City, CDF Haikou Riyue Square Duty Free Shop, CDF Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop, 4 duty-free shopping outlets, from liquor to fragrance, from boutique wear to black technology For electronic products, you can enter the store with tickets to the “2021 Huachen Yu Mars Concert”, and you will have discounts.

Duty-free concessions

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Shenzhen Duty Free Haikou Mission Hills Duty Free City

Duty Free City launched the Martian exclusive 200 yuan discount package; 2. Cloud QuickPass, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China mobile banking payment activities. 3. Duty-free city site: 20% off for 1 regular-priced products of fragrance and 30% off for 3 items; 20% off for 1 regular-priced products of fine-quality products, 25% off for 3 items; Flash sale promotion up to 4% off. 50% to 80% off alcoholic products, plus multiple points. 4. Alipay 10,000 yuan bill exemption activity: the maximum amount of exemption bill is 10,000 yuan, and the total number of places is 1,200.

Address: No. 39, Yangshan Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Haikong Global Boutique Duty FreeshopActivity

Fans of Huahua can go to the store to receive exclusive coupons and create exclusive check-in points for Huahua Martians with their tickets. 2. Huahua fans Martian exclusive product set (for Huahua endorsement brand) 3. Duty-free city year-end promotion: 15% off for 1 piece of fragrance, 30% off for 3 pieces and above; 30% off for 1 piece and above alcoholic beverages; Boutique category /15% off for 1 piece of watch, 20% off for 2 pieces and above, 5 times of points; 30% off for 1 piece of glasses, 40% off for 2 pieces and above, 3 times of points; 20% off for 1 piece of jewelry, 2 pieces 30% off and above; 10% off for 1 and above price gold jewellery (member points); up to 50% off on selected items in the tax-free star promotion.

Address: Floor 1-2, Aquarius Tower, East District, Sun Moon Plaza, Guoxing Avenue, Haikou City

cdf Riyue Plaza Duty Free Shop, cdf Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop

During the concert, fans holding concert tickets can receive a 888 yuan threshold voucher at the duty-free shop. If you purchase 1280 yuan and 980 yuan concert tickets, you can receive a set of cosmetic travel kits by spending any amount at the duty-free shop. Fans are welcome to go to the duty-free shop to participate in the check-in interaction, and receive exclusive gifts (applicable to the Sun and Moon shop, while stocks last).

cdf Haikou Riyue Plaza Duty Free Shop Address: Floor L, Floor 1/2, Gemini Tower, Sun Moon Plaza, No. 8 Guoxing Avenue, Qiongshan District, Haikou City

cdf Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop Address: Shop F2, Domestic Terminal Building, Haikou Meilan International Airport, Lingshan Town, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

Or popular online celebrity, or good-looking art

Or niche and unique, or gourmet punch card

it’s here

You can always find the scene you want

Four themed routes “Martian HI Tour Haikou”

Four themed routes

1.TraverseFantastic Voyage

Line A:Qilou Old Street-Old Street Cultural Tea House-Changying Universal 100 Wonderland-Xunchangli Night Market

Line B:Mission Hills Huayi Feng Xiaogang Film Commune-Mission Hills New Town-Changying Universal 100 Wonderland-Happy Coast Food City

2. A joyous trip to see the mountains and the sea

Line A:Crater Park—Volcano-style town—Holiday Beach—Happy Coast Food City

Line B:Mangrove Tourist Area—Yundong Library—Hainan University South Gate Night Market

3.FashionShoppingtrendjourney of

Line A:Hainan Tropical Wildlife and Botanical Garden-Qiongtai Fudi Food Street-Riyue Square Duty Free Shop

Line B:Crater Park-Yuanda Shopping Plaza-Riyue Square Duty Free Shop

4. Encounter Haikou Food Tour

Line A:Qilou Old Street—Xixiu Beach—Xunchangli Night Market

Line B:Holiday Beach-Wanlv Park-Parkway City Food District


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Editor: Chen Kailin

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