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2020 US primaries: New York postpones election date – politics

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The Democratic primary has been running since February 3, during which the competitor for US President Donald Trump will emerge. Two applicants are still in the race for democratic candidacy: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. An overview of all news and developments:

The state of New York is also postponing the area code

Tuesday, March 31, 9.50 a.m .: Various primaries had been scheduled for March and April. However, due to the spread of the corona virus, at least eleven states have already postponed their area codes: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and now also New York. Other states have extended their postal voting deadlines – this is also delaying the process. As of now, several primaries have been moved to June 2. If it stays that way, that June-Tuesday would be a little “Super Tuesday”.

The 2020 US Presidential Election newsletter

Postponing the main election date in November would be difficult. It is set by law, so it would need a US Congressional amendment that could be challenged before the courts. In addition, only a few weeks could be won in this way. Because the further schedule is even stipulated in the constitution and thus even more rigid: the start date for the new congress on January 3 and the inauguration of the president on January 20.

Gabbard closes her application

Thursday, March 19, 4:30 p.m .: Now it’s officially a duel: The last woman left in the candidate field, Tulsi Gabbard, has announced the end of her campaign. The 38-year-old Hawaiian MP shared their followers via Twitter with and announced that he would like to support Joe Biden in the future.

Gabbard announced her ambition to run early and was in the race for a total of 411 days. But behind the heavyweights in the field of applicants, she could not prevail. In the end, she was only able to win two delegate votes. (bix)

Biden wins primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona

Wednesday, March 18, 4:20 p.m .: Former US Vice President Joe Biden is predicted to win the Florida, Illinois, and Arizona primaries in the race for the Democrats’ US presidential nomination. Before that, Biden had previously won area codes in 16 other states.

In all three states, Biden had led the way in surveys. Now the pressure on Sanders to get out of the race should increase. Actually, voting should have been done in Ohio. However, due to the spread of the corona virus, the health authority had briefly ordered to keep the polling stations closed.

US President Donald Trump, who had no serious opponent, is set as a Republican candidate, according to the numbers after the Florida and Illinois primaries. With his victories there, he achieved more than the 1,276 delegate votes required for his nomination on Tuesday, according to the news agency AP.(jael)

Joe Biden receives protection from the Secret Service

Tuesday, March 17th, 5 p.m .: Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden now receives state protection. This was announced by the competent authority, the Secret Service. Biden’s code name at the Secret Service is said to be “Celtic,” CNN reports, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The candidate himself had asked for it after incidents at his campaign events. Among other things, two demonstrators stormed on stage during his speech in Los Angeles on “Super Tuesday”. Biden’s private security service and his wife Jill Biden had warded off the demonstrators.

The Secret Service is responsible for protecting the President, the Vice President, and their families, as well as senior government officials, in the United States. He is also empowered to protect key presidential candidates. Biden’s rival Bernie Sanders has so far not applied for protection. (gal)

US states are postponing primaries

Tuesday, March 17th: The U.S. states of Maryland and Ohio postpone the presidential election. The decision was made due to a health emergency caused by the corona virus threat, Ohio governor Mike DeWine said on Twitter. Previously, Louisiana, Georgia, and Kentucky had moved the area codes in their states because of the corona crisis. A new appointment is still pending. (bix, fie)

Ohio Area Code – Health authorities close polling stations

Tuesday, March 17th: The Ohio governor is opposing the planned US Democratic primary in his state. Department of Health director Amy Acton has signed an order to shut down polling stations, Mike DeWine said on Twitter. He had previously failed to have the primaries stopped in court. The area code was scheduled for Tuesday March 17, as well as in Arizona, Florida and Illinois. DeWine argued that the Ohio election should be postponed because of the risk of contracting the coronavirus in polling stations. He had approved the postponement to June 2, but not the authority to cancel the election, as he said on Monday. (jael)

Biden also wins Democratic primary in Washington

Tuesday, March 17th: Former US Vice President Joe Biden won alongside four other states in Washington’s Democratic primary last week. Biden has a slight lead over Senator Bernie Sanders, it said from an official body. The election had already taken place on March 10, but it had taken just under a week for the votes to be counted. Sanders had hoped to win in Washington. In 2016 he won there clearly ahead of his then competitor Hillary Clinton. Biden had also won in Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan and Idaho last Tuesday. Sanders won in North Dakota. (jael)

Louisiana postpones primaries for corona virus

Friday, March 13: The U.S. state of Louisiana is postponing the Republican and Democratic area codes ahead of the US presidential election because of the spread of the corona virus. Instead of April 4, they are now scheduled to take place on June 20 to ensure maximum turnout, the head of the electoral agency, Kyle Ardoin, said on Friday. The spread of Covid-19 lung disease is an “unprecedented threat”. Louisiana is the first state to postpone primary coronavirus primaries. Elections are scheduled for Tuesday in Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Ohio.

The number of people infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus is also increasing in the United States. According to the CDC health agency, the number of coronavirus cases is more than 1,600. More than 40 deaths have been recorded. There should be a high number of unreported cases because comparatively few tests have been carried out to date. (Saul)

Trump stops entry from the Schengen area

Thursday, March 12: To address the coronavirus in the United States, President Trump prohibits entry into the United States from many European countries. He blames Europeans for the spread of the virus. But the problem is that Trump ignores the virus crisis in his own country so bluntly, comments Torsten Denkler. He wants to win an election in autumn and therefore has nothing to do with the virus. As so often, Trump places his own interest above the well-being of the country. He could therefore be responsible for many deaths. (Saul)

Sanders wants to stay in the race despite new defeats

Wednesday, March 11th: The election evening was “obviously not a good night for our campaign,” said candidate Bernie Sanders after the “Super Tuesday II”. Still, he won’t give up. On Sunday, he wants to face his competitor for the presidential candidacy, Joe Biden, in the Democrats’ first one-on-one TV debate.

He wanted to take the opportunity to make the distinction between the two candidates clear, Sanders said. Although he had “won the ideological debate”, he was “losing the electoral debate”. Many followers would have told him that they agreed with him on many points. However, they are not convinced that he can persist in the presidential election against Trump.

Sanders turned directly to Biden. “Joe, what are you going to do?” He asked again and again, linking campaign issues such as health care reform, equality of income or mass detention. This can be understood as an indication that Sanders will withdraw if Biden approaches Sanders in terms of content. Primaries will be held in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio next Tuesday. A total of 577 delegate votes are cast in the four elections. Biden currently leads with 837 votes, ahead of Sanders with 689 votes. (cleric)

Sanders wins in North Dakota

Wednesday, March 11th: The presidential candidate Bernie Sanders won the minor state of North Dakota in the primaries. He received more than 53 percent of the votes there, Biden only about 38 percent. Elizabeth Warren accounted for 2.5 percent. Warren was out of the race last week. Voters who voted by postal vote could still vote beforehand.

Biden won in the major area code of Michigan as well as Idaho, Missouri and Mississippi. Washington has not yet been fully counted. In the state in the northwest, Sanders and Biden were head to head on Wednesday afternoon. (cck)

Biden also wins in the important US state of Michigan

Wednesday, March 11th: Former US Vice President Joe Biden is predicted to win in the key presidential state of Michigan in the presidential race of the US Democrats. The poll in Michigan – an industrialized country in the US Midwest – was considered an important indicator of the strength of the candidates at the race. It is about the votes of 125 delegates for the Democrats’ nomination convention in July – most of the delegate votes to be given on Tuesday in primary elections in a total of six states.

Biden was also forecast to win in the states of Mississippi and Missouri on Tuesday. His win in Michigan gives Biden a special boost – and means a bitter setback for Sanders. Sanders had focused his campaign over the past few days on the vote-weighty state of Michigan, where he won in the 2016 primaries. Michigan was “very, very important” for the race, Sanders had admitted at the weekend, but at the same time emphasized that he would not give up in the event of a defeat in Michigan. (jael)

Sanders and Biden cancel campaign appearances due to corona virus

Tuesday, March 10th: The corona virus also has ramifications for the US presidential campaign. Left Senator Sanders and ex-Vice President Biden canceled scheduled campaign appearances in the US state of Ohio for this Tuesday evening (local time). This would heed the state’s warnings of large indoor events, said Sanders’ campaign team spokesman Mike Casca. At all future campaign events, decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, the campaign team said. The cancellations fell on an important day in the race for the presidential candidacy: primary elections were held this Tuesday in six states. (Saul)

Ex-candidate Harris supports Biden

Sunday, March 8th: Former Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris, like other former allies, has the former US Vice President Joe Biden expressed their support. Harris said on Sunday that there was no one better than Biden to steer the country through turbulent times and restore truth, honor and decency to the Oval Office. Biden is good-natured, caring and listens to the American people, said the African-American politician. This will give Biden another boost shortly before the next major round of primaries. Previously, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar, who had also dropped out, had called on their supporters to support Biden.

Most recently, Elizabeth Warren had withdrawn from the competition. So far, however, she has expressly left open whether she wants to recommend her supporters to vote for Sanders or Biden. Sanders told CNN on Sunday he would like Warren’s support. The 78-year-old was self-confident and said he saw himself as the strongest candidate to defeat incumbent Donald Trump in the November presidential election. However, Sanders made it clear that he would support Biden if he was nominated as a candidate – and Biden would support him if he won. The primary goal is to beat Trump.

Warren gets out

Thursday, March 5: Elizabeth Warren is ending her presidential campaign, according to several US media. The Massachusetts senator, with her more left-wing program, targeted voters groups similar to Bernie Sanders, but underperformed her expectations in the previous primaries. Even in her home state, she was only third behind Biden and Sanders on Super Tuesday. With her departure, Tulsi Gabbard is now the last remaining woman in the applicant field. However, she has fewer chances than Warren.

Joe Biden warns of a negative election campaign among Democrats

Wednesday, March 4th: After his winning streak in the primaries, former US Vice President Joe Biden warned his competitors about the presidential candidacy of the US Democrats against a destructive election campaign. “We cannot allow these primaries to turn into a campaign of negative attacks in the coming weeks,” said Biden in Los Angeles on Wednesday. That would only benefit President Donald Trump, said Biden. He wanted to overcome the division in the United States.

The only serious competitor Bidens is now the left Senator Bernie Sanders (78). Also in the running are Senator Elizabeth Warren (70), who has little realistic chance of being nominated, and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (38), who has no chance. Sanders said on Wednesday in Vermont about the upcoming duel with Biden: “I like Joe. He’s a decent guy.” Sanders also did not want the election campaign to drift off into personal attacks. “This is the last thing the country wants.” Sanders emphasized, however, that there were major differences in content between him and Biden, for example in health policy. “This is a competition of ideas,” he said. It is about different visions for the country. The next primaries in six other U.S. states will take place next Tuesday. (mxm)

Bloomberg gives up

Wednesday, March 4th: The billionaire Michael Bloomberg gets out of the race for the Democratic presidential candidacy. This was announced by his campaign staff on Wednesday. He will now support former Vice President Joe Biden, the statement said. “I will work to make him the next president of the United States.” On “Super Tuesday”, on which 14 US states voted, Bloomberg had only been able to book the American suburb of American Samoa. The ex-mayor of New York was on the ballot papers for the first time.

Biden triumphs on Super Tuesday

Wednesday, March 4th: The US Democratic presidential nomination narrows to a duel between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The two fared the best on the most important pre-election day “Super Tuesday”. Especially the almost depreciated ex-vice president Biden took off. The 77-year-old, who stands for the moderate camp, celebrated surprisingly important victories in nine of the 14 states in which elections were held on Tuesday. But the previous leader Sanders from the left wing of the party was also successful and was first in California after the first counts, which will send most delegates to the nomination party convention.

Amy Klobuchar gets out

Monday, March 2nd: Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar will not participate in further Democratic primary, media reports. Instead, she will support the candidacy of Joe Biden, on whose side she already wanted to campaign on Monday. The moderate politician saw Bernie Sanders as a dangerous socialist. In New Hampshire she achieved a remarkable third place. However, their campaign lacked the necessary donations to keep up with the other candidates. It was also the fear of Sanders’ success that has now moved the moderate candidate group. Without Buttigieg, Steyer and Klobuchar, moderate Democrats in the primaries can now focus entirely on Biden or Bloomberg. (cleric)

Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer end presidential campaigns

Monday, March 2nd: Former South Bend, Democratic Mayor of Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, ends his presidential campaign. “The truth is that the road to our candidacy, but not our cause, has come to an end,” Buttigieg told supporters in his hometown South Bend on Sunday evening. After strong results in the first two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, Buttigieg had two disappointing results in Nevada, where he finished third, and last Saturday in South Carolina. Buttigieg only finished fourth behind the clear winner Joe Biden, second-placed Bernie Sanders and Californian billionaire Tom Steyer. Steyer had already announced the end of his campaign immediately after the area code on Saturday. (mxm)

Joe Biden wins in South Carolina

Sunday, March 1st: The former Vice President under Barack Obama has won the great hoped-for and necessary victory in South Carolina. After counting 86 percent of all votes, he won 48.4 percent of the delegate votes. Bernie Sanders, who leads the national polls with a clear lead in the field of democratic applicants, came in second with just under 30 percentage points. He comes to 19.9 percent. Biden’s clear victory is somewhat surprising. He had been disappointing in the previous primaries. Recent surveys indicated a much tighter result.

The billionaire Tom Steyer got out of the race on election night. He did get an honorable third place. But his 11.4 percent is apparently not enough to give him enough momentum for Super Tuesday on March 3rd. In national surveys, it only reached 2.1 percent. Pete Buttigieg came fourth with 8.1 percent. Elizabeth Warren only reached fifth place with 7.0 percent. Amy Klobuchar finished sixth with 3.2 percent. Above all, Warren and Klobuchar will have to ask themselves if they want to continue. Massachusetts senator Warren has a similar program to Sanders, but has never been dangerous to him in any of the four primaries. Klobuchar, a moderate Senator from Minnesota, on the other hand, can only calculate opportunities if Biden is weak. It doesn’t look like that anymore. (cler)

Coronavirus could help Sanders in the election campaign

Friday, February 28: Corona virus is also the subject of increasing discussion in the USA. The global crisis could play into the cards for Democrats with Sanders in the lead, says analyst Jochen Stanzl from online broker CMC Markets. Sanders advocates general government health insurance and higher taxes for the rich. Analysts believe that if Sanders’ election wins, stock prices could come under pressure. “Sanders could end the United States’ special path (compared to the majority of Western democracies) in the area of ​​social policy,” said Ulrich Leuchtmann, foreign exchange expert at Commerzbank. That could make the US less attractive to international investors. The fourth area code will be held in the state of South Carolina on Saturday in the race for the US presidential candidacy for the Democrats. (Saul)

Landslide victory for Sanders in Nevada, Biden in second place

Monday, February 24: Bernie Sanders has consolidated his role as the de facto front runner for the Democrats with a clear victory in the Nevada primary. The left senator won 47.1 percent of all votes, ahead of Joe Biden, who won over 21 percent of the vote. Pete Buttigieg comes in third place with 13.7 percent of the vote. This means that Sanders has 24 delegates, Biden gets nine and Buttigieg three. Sanders is clearly ahead of Buttigieg and Biden before March 3rd. For the upcoming area code in South Carolina, the polls see former Vice President Biden at the front. (bix)

Russia is said to support Sanders in the primaries

Friday, February 21: The Sanders campaign announced on Friday that it had been informed by US officials about a month ago about Russia’s attempts to assist the US senator in the Democratic pre-election campaign. Only a few days ago, it was reported that Russia was trying to help Trump reelect. Of the New York Times According to some current and former US officials, Russia’s support for Sanders in the Democratic pre-election campaign may ultimately help Trump. The calculation accordingly: Sanders is an easier opponent for Trump in the autumn presidential election than moderate Democrats. In the 2016 election campaign, Russian social media campaigners also had instructions, according to the Mueller Report, to at least not harm the Sanders campaign. US President Trump had described reports of renewed Russian aid to his campaign as “another lie of the Democrats.” Sanders called the Russian president an “autocratic villain” in a message on Friday and warned him not to interfere in the US election campaign. (mxm)

Bloomberg goes on the offensive for allegedly sexist statements

Friday, February 21: Under increasing pressure due to allegedly sexist statements, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is going on the offensive in the USA: The billionaire offered on Friday to keep his company’s confidentiality statements with three women so that they could provide information about his alleged comments. Bloomberg had been sharply attacked by its democratic competitors during a television debate last Wednesday because of the confidentiality statements. Senator Elizabeth Warren urged Bloomberg to release all women who wanted to speak openly about their allegations against him from the agreements. Bloomberg had rejected this request in the debate. “You signed these agreements and we’ll live with them,” Bloomberg replied. The public then booed Bloomberg. (mxm)

Bloomberg is under attack during TV debate

Thursday, February 20: The billionaire’s competitors apparently prepared better for the first encounter with him on TV than Bloomberg himself. So Elizabeth Warren accused him of sexism and that he had silenced women with confidentiality agreements. He has few answers to that. But Warren not only attacks him, but also Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, reports Thorsten Denkler. (bix)

Michael Bloomberg qualified for TV debate for the first time

Thursday, February 19: The US presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is taking part in a television debate with other democratic applicants this Wednesday (after German time into the night on Thursday). Bloomberg was late in the campaign and plans to stand for election for the first time on Super Tuesday. On March 3, 15 states and Democrats abroad vote simultaneously. A US-wide survey currently sees Bloomberg with 19 percent support in second place behind Sanders with 31 percent. (cck)

Bennet and Yang give up

Wednesday, February 12: Immediately after completing the second area code in the race for the US Democratic presidential candidacy, two other applicants threw in the towel. After the polling stations in New Hampshire closed, entrepreneur Andrew Yang said the foreseeable results “were not the result we fought so hard for”. There is currently no way for him to secure the party’s candidacy, Yang told supporters.

Michael Bennet also announced his retreat. The 55-year-old Colorado senator had hoped to stand out from the other moderate candidates Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar in the second area code. Both Yang and Bennet said they would support the victorious Democratic candidate to replace Donald Trump.

Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick also got out on Wednesday. He was the last African-American politician in the field of applicants, which now comprises eight politicians. (bix)

Sanders wins in New Hampshire

Wednesday, February 12: In the case of New Hampshire, the forecasts and surveys before the area code prove to be correct: Bernie Sanders has won the primary in the east coast state, but only by a narrow margin. After counting 90 percent of all votes, Sanders was almost 1.5 percent ahead of Pete Buttigieg, who had won the area code in Iowa a week earlier. This means that nine delegate votes go to both candidates. Amy Klobuchar is in third place and can still win six delegates. The favorite Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden go empty-handed. (bix)

Team Sanders requires partial review of Iowa results

Monday, February 10th: Iowa is expected to send 14 national delegates for Pete Buttigieg to the summer nomination convention – two more than for left senator Bernie Sanders. This emerges from further results, which the Democratic Party published in Iowa on Sunday. Sanders will receive twelve delegates, third placed Elizabeth Warren eight, former Vice President Joe Biden six and Amy Klobuchar one.

There is still no official end result. The Sanders team wants to request a partial review of the results. The procedure is not a recount. Rather, the vote count is checked to ensure that individual results have been added correctly. (Saul)

No final result in Iowa

Friday, February 7th: Four days after the first caucus in the US primary, there is still no clear winner in Iowa. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, there were technical problems with an app by the Democrats, which should make counting easier, but it made it much more complicated, which is why the old method is used again in the upcoming area code in Nevada. On the other hand – hardly to believe – there is still no final result in a district. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg also both see themselves as winners of the area code. There are voices now that require recounting, but that too is complicated. According to the current status, Buttigieg would have 13 delegate votes, Sanders 11, Elizabeth Warren seven and Joe Biden 5. That can change, however. (bix)

Republican presidential candidate Walsh ends campaign

Friday, February 7th: Former US Congressman Joe Walsh leaves the race for the Republican presidential nomination. “I’m ending my campaign, but our fight against the Trump sect has only just begun,” the conservative radio host said on Twitter on Friday. He was determined to do anything to beat Trump in November. Walsh, like Trump’s other competitor Bill Weld, had only got a little more than one percent of the vote in the first Republican code in Iowa earlier this week. (Saul)

Buttigieg is just before Sanders in Iowa

Friday, February 7th: The constituencies are completely counted three days after the election. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg keeps his narrow lead over left Senator Bernie Sanders, according to figures released by the Democratic Party. In third place is Senator Elizabeth Warren, behind in a weak fourth place is former Vice President Joe Biden, who is a national favorite. After the election on Monday there were problems with the counting. The results can still be challenged. The television station CNN claims to only select a winner after this deadline on Friday and only if there is no application for review. (cck)

Democratic election chaos

Tuesday, February 4: In the US state of Iowa, Republicans and Democrats voted on their preferred candidates for the autumn presidential election. The Republicans clearly won President Donald Trump, but without serious opponents. With the Democrats, the results are still not certain even hours after the votes. There are said to have been major breakdowns in the transmission. More information about the area code in Iowa. (Saul)

Duel at the Super Bowl

Monday, February 3: It is one of the biggest television events in the world: the annual Super Bowl, the football league NFL final. 100 million Americans are watching, 30 seconds of TV advertising cost $ 5.6 million. This year the Kansas City Chiefs played on the grass against the San Francisco 49ers. And during the commercial break, Donald Trump fought Michael Bloomberg. After the billionaire Bloomberg bought $ 10 million airtime for his election commercials, Trump followed suit. For Bloomberg, who got into the Democratic candidate race late, it was certainly an important moment. How the duel of the politicians will end will of course only be decided in the course of the year. Kansas City won on the grass anyway. (ghe)

Delaney zieht sich aus dem Rennen zurück

Freitag, 31. Januar: Der ehemalige Abgeordnete John Delaney, hat seine Bewerbung zurückgezogen. Er gab für die Kandidatur sein Amt im Repräsentantenhaus auf, wo er die Bürger im 6. Wahlbezirk von Maryland vertrat und eher als Hinterbankler galt. Zuvor war Delaney Geschäftsmann, der zwei Unternehmen mitgründete, die es bis an die New Yorker Börse schafften. Er gehört zum Parteiestablishment, seine Kandidatur verlief eher unspektakulär. (cck)

Kampf zwischen den Demokraten und gegen Trump

Montag, 27. Januar: Während das Rennen zwischen den Demokraten in den landesweiten Umfragen enger wird, verfolgen die bereits gewählten Demokraten im Kongress in Washington ein Projekt: Das Impeachment gegen US-Präsident Trump. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass die erforderliche Zweidrittel-Mehrheit im Senat zustande kommt, ist sehr gering, doch ein Ziel versuchen die Demokraten dennoch zu erreichen: Die aus ihrer Sicht unlauteren und unrechtmäßigen Handlungen des Präsidenten vor den Wählern offenzulegen und ihm so im Hinblick auf die Wahlen am 3. November zu schaden. Dabei hilft ihnen auch, dass Trumps ehemaliger Nationaler Sicherheitsberater John Bolton plant, ein Buch zu veröffentlichen, dessen Inhalt den Präsidenten im Bezug auf die Ukraine-Affäre schwer belastet. (bix)

Letztes TV-Duell vor den Vorwahlen

Mittwoch, 15. Januar: Knapp zwei Wochen vor dem Beginn der ersten Vorwahlen in Iowa trafen die Bewerber der Demokraten noch einmal vor laufender Kamera aufeinander. Dabei fehlte allerdings Michael Bloomberg, der auch erst beim Super Tuesday zur Wahl stehen wird. Nachdem sich Bernie Sanders und Elizabeth Warren bei den Diskussionen im Herbst noch schonten, attackierten sie sich nun erstmals direkt. Dabei dominierte die Frage, ob eine Frau überhaupt in der Lage sei, US-Präsident Trump ernsthaft herauszufordern. Warren entzog sich dieser Diskussion und verteilte stattdessen Spitzen gegen Sanders und Biden. (bix)


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