2000 euros in gift vouchers and concert tickets to be won (Claudo Capéo, Boulevard des Airs, etc.) with the Office de Commerce et de l’Artisanat – Medialot

Operation “I can’t… I have sales in Cahors” from June 30 to July 3.

This Wednesday, June 30, the sales kick off and for the occasion the Office of Commerce and Crafts is launching a new operation “I can’t… I have sales in Cahors” from June 30 to July 3. “This Wednesday, surface parking is free. The City has put it in place to support the launch of the sales. There will also be a maximum number of stores open between noon and 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon, a horde of blue millstones will be in town and will offer a quiz to passers-by with 2,000 euros in gift vouchers and 30 concert tickets to be won at the Lot en Meule Bleue festival, our partner, notably with Claudo Capéo, Boulevard Airs, Michael Jones, Flagrants Délires… The traders will be able to unpack in front of the shops. And on Saturday, the Batufraka will stroll through the streets “launch in chorus the members of the OCA before concluding:” Consume in Cahors without moderation! “

> The AGM of the OCA took place on June 15. A new board was elected: Jean-Claude Merlo, Sylvie Robert, Laurence Vitrat, Frédéric Atlan, Sylvie Labadie, co-presidents; Marie-Hélène Dessaux, treasurer, Valérie Maravel, assistant treasurer; Laurence Vitrat, secretary. A new site is under construction and will soon be online: www.ocahors.fr. 10,000 Ô Cahors bags will also be distributed to customers of OCA members.

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